Thursday, April 03, 2008

Play Ball

As proof that all women retain some of their giggly teenage girly-ness, Boss Foxy's response to my question was..."Oh, this sounds fun. Let's call him right now." So, apparently, setting up friends with colleagues at other firms is totally A-OK.

And he was pretty amenable to the idea, although that was clearly not what he had expected on the other end of the phone;-). So, I gave him her number, then told her he might call...and being a good and diligent boy, he called her last night. I like guys that are punctual:-). They are going out Saturday and I will be sure to tell you all how it goes:-D. Then we can start planning their wedding! They will have such beautiful kids...

Now that I think of it, this would totally kill my long-term plan of getting BFFg and BFFb to move here...hmm...maybe I need to rethink this. Shit, I am too impetuous sometimes.

Anyone have any thoughts on Idol? I like all the foreigners...the Australian guy, the Irish girl and the Canadian girl (not happy that she was in the bottom three last night). I can not stand the young kid...he has a whiny, nasally voice and he sings with a lisp. I don't know why the judges love him so much, he is not nearly as good as four or five others. I also like the kid with the dread locks, if only because he clearly loves pot so very, very much.

I also caught Top Chef last night, which was pretty good. I don't have any favorites yet, but I do love that this guy and this girl have the same haircut and it can be hard to tell them apart when they just show one of them quickly.

Can anyone believe that it is baseball season? Maybe because it is so wintry around here, it seems hard to believe...but I was surprised to find out that the season started this week. The Cubs lost their first game, so Munchkin is already convinced that they will need to wait at least one more season before winning the World Series. At least she has the Red Sox to help her out with that;-).

I am not really a sports fan, but I do love baseball season because it means that summer is coming! I know the first couple of weeks of the season are always cold, but the nice weather has to be right around the corner. Screw the groundhog...the sign of spring around here is when the baseball season starts:-).


pneumoniaBoy said...

Wow, I'm surprised she went for it!

And, I've totally missed Top Chef. :(

Clearlykels said...

That's awesome that there is some fun setting up going on. That's what I like to hear... lots of fun everywhere.

Lpeg said...

That's awesome! Loved Boss Foxy's reply :)

Trish Ryan said...

Very cool that he called and they're going out. Of course, keep us posted :)

I'm so excited by the baseball=spring equation. We have tickets to a Red Sox game next week and I'm hoping I won't need my winter coat.

Anonymous said...

I am going for the Australian guy b/c he lives in Buckhead - where I live!!!