Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to some serious stuff

OK, Twin Sister...it is safe to read again:-D.

I am babysitting this weekend. The people that took Munchkin to Aruba in December have a family wedding to go to and asked if their daughter could stay with us this weekend...they didn't want to drag her along. I did offer, so it's not like it came totally out of left field;-)

So that should be fun. She is a good kid and the two of them are really easy together. It is possible that they may want to make some more ice cream cone cupcakes...or that maybe I will talk them into it:-D. I should also acknowledge that I am outsourcing the babysitting for most of Saturday, too...lol. They are going to another friend's house.

I haven't had a good politics discussion in a while. Anyone have any thoughts on Obama's little outburst in San Francisco the other day? I have gone over my feelings on guns at length here, but that really isn't what I feel is relevant to this discussion.

While it is a little humorous that he would be tagged as the "elitist" one of this bunch, he did imply a certain disdain for regular people in his remarks. Beyond that, he sort of dismissed all religion as being simply a tool to explain away bad things when the real answer is uncomfortable. I am no bible-thumper, but I found what he said to be pretty dismissive of anyone with a strong faith. (And, when you view this in the context of his phony 'church-going' that got him into this mess last month, it is all that much worse.)

Mostly, I can't believe he was dumb enough to say it. I know he was talking to a group in San Francisco that likely shares that feelings about rural Pennsylvanians, but he has to know that his words are ALL going to be broadcast nationally.

And, it highlights how much trouble he is going to have in November. He thinks Hillary is beating this issue up? He ain't seen nothing yet...the GOP playbook for the fall has already been written for them. It will include a whole lot of this statement, his ties to Reverend Wright and his wife's little ditty about never before being proud to be an American. And the message will be "He thinks you are stupid, his wife hates you and his 'spiritual center' thinks God should punish us all." Over and over and over again.

Me thinks Mr. Obama better get his message machine working.


Rachel said...

I don't even want to discuss the political mess...It's so crazy right now! I don't know what we are going to do!

Ys said...

i hadn't heard about this recent comment about guns and religion. he seems to be losing the plot a bit, doesn't he?

A-Ron said...

Not that you could limit the trouble with these individuals to these two statements: but between this and Hillary's "sniper fire" incident, I'll say it again: This is the best the Democrats have to offer??

Ally said...

I'm obviously behind in my news-watching (not having cable sort of does that to me), so thanks for the links:)