Tuesday, April 08, 2008

F you, Kansas!!!

I am very late in the day today, sorry about that. It has been a really busy couple of days, but I didn't want to go two straight without a post, so I will check in now.

I came really close to winning the office pool. If Memphis held on to win last night, I would have been declared NCAA Basketball Whiz and crowned the office pool champion. That would have been pretty sweet, but they managed to lose and I finished third. Which is good for absolutely nothing. Booo!!!

Spring finally seems to have shown up. The weather is really quite nice today...sunny and about 60. The Red Sox have their first game in Boston, too, so everyone is in a very good, summer-like mood. And that makes me smile:-). It also makes me want to sit outside and have a margarita, but it's not quite that warm just yet...

BFFg says that rollerblading went well, and she and new boy (nickname to come) are going out again next weekend. He is busy this weekend or else they might have gone out again sooner. Either way, my instincts look good so far;-). I should charge for this!

Beyond that, I have little of note to say. Busy day, but nothing really exciting. There could be a major announcement here at work soon, but I won't give away the surprise until it happens:-P

Again, sorry for the short post, but that is all I have for you today:-)


A-Ron said...

What would you have gotten if you won? Anything?

Saturday night at the game they did this blind-dating gig before the game. The guy that won got his choice:
1.) Pick the girl behind the curtain and get some real snazzy date lined up with everything paid for.
2.) Ditch the chick and claim an unknown prize.

He went with the chick.

And then they told him he would have won a 60' TV.

and a new Caddy.


Ys said...

aww i hope things calm down soon so you can sit back and enjoy the warm weather. it's been sunny here this last week too - even though we had snow showers at the same time!? weird.

Rachel said...

I can't wait 'til it is warm enough to sit out on the back porch and have drinks with friends. It will be so nice! Can't wait to hear about the announcement!