Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry to be a bad blogger, but I have no time today, and will be out tomorrow and didn't want to go four straight days with nothing up here.

So, nothing wrong, just busy:-). Hope everyone has a really nice day on the backs of a lovely weekend...I will try and be back with something good on Wednesday.

I will miss you all terribly!


KT said...

ditto. :)

Rachel said...

Come back soon! :)

Ys said...

don't work too hard!

Nilsa S. said...

I just saw your Miley Cyrus comment on Freed and Flawed ... and couldn't agree with you more (I commented a few before you with a similar tone). So, here I at your blog and realize we might have some things in common. I went to high school in Boston (my parents still live there) and I currently reside in Chicago.

So, ummm, I'm going to add you to my Google Reader now and look forward to catching more of you in the near future.