Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Work Day

I brought both kiddos to work with me today:-) This should be Munchkin actually has some summer reading and some book reports to work on, and she gets focused enough that she could sit in the conference room and work quietly all day. Tinkerbelle, however, is a little young for that;-). She has some books, and some things to draw with (she LOVES to draw), but there is no way that she is gonna remain all day without getting grossly bored.

But I had a meeting at 8:00, another at 10:00 and then Boss Foxy is taking us all to lunch. In truth, that will change the topics of our usual lunch discussions...hee hee...but that is OK. After that, I will likely take them home and they can be by themselves for the afternoon. I should be able to get home relatively early. Tomorrow they are going to Munchkin's friend's house...a friend who conveniently has a 7 year old brother and 9 year old sister:-) And that gets us back to the weekend, and back to the beach!

And, of course, let's not forget chicken fingers is Thursday after all. I also haven't seen The Boy since Sunday, and I miss him I am looking forward to seeing him, too!

Some kind of sad news...The Body and her boyfriend have officially broken up, and I feel badly about that. I love them both so much (he was one of my best friends in college, too) and it is difficult to see something that was so promising break down like this. It is not a big surprise...he didn't come out for Smoking Hot Roommate's wedding because they needed some space...but it is a little more official now. She is disappointed by doing OK...I have to call him and see how he is, too.

So that's a bummer...I don't know why, but I thought they would end up together. I like the idea of two of my friends getting married:-) But, wishful thinking, as it turned out...cest la vie.

On the plus side, if you live in Phoenix and are single, I know an impossibly hot single girl and a cute, charming, hilarious single guy (as long as you are OK with a red head:-P)...


laurwilk said...

Awww, it's so sad when good friends break up! What a bummer. I always want my best friends to get married too. But my Boy and I share all of our best friends, so I think we're the couple everyone is holding out for.

I hope you're having fun with both of your sisters today! I am very jealous. I miss my sisters and would love to have them here at work with me. It would make my boring job a lot less boring!

jamie said...

Good luck with the kiddos! I would rather have them at work with me than go to this unbelievably long meeting I am going to be in all day today and tomorrow. Yikes.

Still just me said...

You are lucky to work with family, so you can bring everyone in with you. Have a good lunch, and enjoy everything.

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Ah. I wondered what you were going to do with the kids while you were at work. Fun!