Monday, August 25, 2008

What the Veep is Going On Here!

Here are my thoughts on Joe Biden:

Pretty good choice, and I certainly can't think of a better one (I don't think Hillary Clinton would have been a good choice at all.) Biden is tough, well-respected, experienced and pretty universally liked within the party. He is also strongest in the areas that Obama is weakest (in other words...he has a lot more of a resume;-)).

I think it carries several risks, though. First, as has been noted a lot this weekend, it highlights Obama's weaknesses. If you pick someone who brings something you are lacking, it just lets everyone know that you think you are lacking it.

Second, it reverses course on Obama's constant calls to change Washington and to change the culture of government. Biden is the exact opposite of change...he has been in the Senate for 36 years and all of his "plusses" involve that experience and his understanding of how things work.

Third is Biden himself. He could work really well in the attack dog role that some people like a campaigning VP to play, but he has also unleashed that on Obama already. Remember when he called him "clean"? Or when he called him a "Johnny come lately copycat" on Afghanistan? Or when he said he wasn't ready to be President and that it wasn't a job that lent itself to on-the-job training? Obviously, he is going to now claim that he knows Obama better and that a lot has changed, which may be enough...I am not sure what will resonate and what won't.

And then there are his laudatory comments about McCain. This is a McCain ad, so take it for what it is worth...but it could be very damning. If Biden is on record saying that he would have accepted the VP role with McCain, and he did accept it from Obama, well doesn't he just look like an opportunist who was willing to run with the first guy that asked him? I find that a little harder to explain, maybe.

That said, it is a decent choice. Biden is a good guy that knows his way around and brings some (possibly) needed experience to the campaign. Given his short list, I am not sure Obama could have done better.


In keeping with my reputation of working less than anyone you know:-P, I am still at the beach with the girls until Tuesday evening at least. Looks like Tinkerbelle may be staying right up through next weekend (unless she gets really homesick this week), and this is a MUCH better place for the two of them than back in the city. Here I can open the back door and they can entertain themselves all day without a whole lot of oversight, which is a good way to watch children;-).

I actually have a project to do that lends itself very well to this. One of the VP's is writing an article from something and needs a whole bunch of research done before he can I can sit here on the couch by myself and get all of that done without any that is good. Of course, it means that I have to actually get to work...


Ally said...

If I were Biden, I would not be excited about eating my words and trying to explain them for the next few months.

That ad is terribly simple and very clear.

Aaron said...

Could Obama actually have found someone less qualified than himself as his running-mate?

laurwilk said...

I tend to 'watch' my siblings in much the same way! I like it.

I'm excited about Biden. I think he was one of the better choices. I guess we'll see!

brandy said...

I like Biden. I definitely think he's the best choice Obama could have made (I, like you, think Hillary wouldn't have been a great choice. She's too good to be #2).

I think everyone knows what Obama's weaknesses are anyway, so the fact that Biden got picked won't really make a difference in showing them. The lack of experience Obama has is not a new topic.

Also, I sort of thought the same thing in terms of 'wanting change' then picking someone who isn't new to politics, but then I wonder who you would pick (and how helpful the pick would be) if someone who doesn't have a lot of experience (Obama) picked someone even more green than him. And if Obama did pick a 'change' candidate, I think he would do so at the expense of picking someone who is more qualified for the job (because none of the 'changers' such as Sebelius wouldn't even come close to being as helpful on the ticket as Biden).

The one thing I'm definitely not worried about is the McCain ad on Biden. Mitt Romney (who I think McCAin is going to pick) said many similar things about McCain during the primary season that I think will give the Democrats more than enough ammo to respond with.

I'm thinking this week I should just shut the phone/computer off. The DNC convention is going to be very interesting.

Stace said...

1ST time commenter, i think. but love the politic talk eventhough i could care less, for some reason it makes me feel. . informed. As for working from the beach, i hope you get a lot accomplished!

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - I have to feel like he has a response already set...that is a pretty obvious criticism he knows he has to face

Aaron - Ummm...well, it would have been tough!

Lw - I am jealous that you have siblings your own age AND get to have the little ones:-)

Brandy - Agreed on most...except I can't imagine McCain picking Romney. He doesnt bring anything to the ticket and they clearly don't like one another.

Stace - I am making it my mission to make you care;-) I actually got a lot done! very productive!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Biden is a good choice for Obama - he levels out the playing feild and gives Obama credibility where he's's ironc that he and McCain are such close friends...

jamie said...

I couldn't agree with you more on Biden. My fingers are still crossed really tightly (they're starting to cramp:)).

Also, heck yes to the beach idea! The only sun I see during the day are the few hours after work that I sit out on the deck before it goes down--not exactly stellar in comparison! Enjoy!

Big Sis said...

All of the analysis is missing out on one key fact: Biden has run for President twice already. The Nation has had a chance to say that it likes him, and has resoundingly been unimpressed.

Why pick someone that the entire country has already looked at twice and yawned?

Accidentally Me said...

Princess - The irony seems to go to what Obama has been saying all along...that there are "insiders" and "outsiders". He is claiming to be an outsider, but Biden (and McCain) are as "in" as it gets.

Jamie - We have to take advantage of the beach weather while we still can! Only a couple weeks left, tops!

Big Sis - Um...yea...I was just about to say all of that exactly... a fine point indeed

brandy said...

Who do you think McCain will pick if not Romney?