Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Will Have Extra Tinkerbelle on that, Please

Hi everyone:-) I am going to take a little break from my work/babysitting/vacation/visiting activities to check in here briefly. I feel kinda bad about not blogging at all for the last couple of days, even though there have been a whole lot of things that I felt like I should write down. And now, true to form...I forget all of them when the time comes to actually blog them. Go figure!

I am finding that I can be really productive remotely. I have gotten a ton of stuff done over the last two days, and haven't really felt like I was killing myself. The mornings especially have been really good, and that has meant that I haven't had to kill myself all afternoon and evening and have had plenty of time to hang out with the Little'uns.

I am loving having Tinkerbelle around:-) I just find her very fun, and so does Munchkin. They refer to each other as "Sislings", which I find extremely adorable, and we have all slept in the same bed all week. They both kick the covers off and roll over, but I don't mind at all...I don't get much of a chance to have them both around. Plus, it is a King bed, and we are all small:-).

On a more serious note, I am probably going to keep Tinkerbelle for at least another day or two. She was originally supposed to go back this Saturday, but her Mom's surgery was more complicated than expected, so she is a little more out of it than she thought she would be. I guess they found something that wasn't in the MRI and the fix for that is a little bigger deal than just the disc problem.

So, surgery was Monday, and she will be in the hospital until at least Friday and will be pretty doped up for the weekend at least. She is staying at her brother's house, and Tinkerbelle certainly could have gone there, but it seemed to just be easier to extend her visit here so her Mom doesn't have to worry about that. Long and short of it, she will probably be here until next Tuesday, which is just fine by me:-) She has to start school on September 2, and I wouldn't mind if she stayed until then, to be honest. I think that would be fun! Then Munchkin and I could swap her out for our new roommate:-D

Speaking of which...The Boy is moving in officially the weekend after Labor Day. His condo is on the market already and the agent thinks it should sell relatively quickly, so hopefully he can get that wrapped up without too much difficulty. I don't think he feels like having that drag out for any length of time.

The weather is kinda fall-ish today...and that makes me sorta sad. It is a little cooler, and very dry and that just reminds me that summer is ending. Where did it go? I can't think about this for too will depress me.

Anyway, that is about it for today. I do have to go back to the office tomorrow, so we are packing up and heading home tonight. Although we will probably come right back on Friday and stay until Tinkerbelle has to go home, so don't cry for us too much!


laurwilk said...

I agree, it feels a bit like fall in New York today, too!

Have fun with Tinkerbelle! I wish I could work 'remotely'. Me=jealous!

Still just me said...

I am glad you are having fun with your sisters.

BTW-Fall is my favorite season, not too hot, not too cold, and the colors are beautiful.