Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blog ADD

I forgot to add that the French boy in question goes by "A. P.", which is why I didn't realize that he had a girl's name for a couple of days:-P. And speak of the little devil, he sent Munchkin an email yesterday, and they have a phone call date this Saturday (hard to work those time zone differences when you are in school all day!). I will keep you updated...

I won't tell you, verbatim, what Big Sis said upon hearing the name "Anne", but it did include the word "faggoty" I am not sure if that is a word, and I am 100% sure that it is not PC, but I definitely got her meaning...hee hee.


Chicken Fingers tonight, and I am told that there is a big football game as well. I will probably make Munchkin do her homework first, and we can go out a little bit later so she can stay out a little later. It is, after all, a school night, so she can't be out until midnight:-) But I think we will have a pretty big crowd. Big Sis is coming, as are Smoking Hot Roommate and The Rocket Scientist, and The Boy. A couple other friends may drop by on their way out, as well...sort of up in the air.


Before her life gets too hectic, I want to send some pre-wedding good wishes to Anne at e.b.'s World (yes...a gender-appropriate Anne!) and her soon-to-be husband Magoo. A funny, interesting and insightful blogger who has kept me entertained for several years now! She is also a prolific photographer and an ambitious cook: her recipes have a degree of difficulty much, much higher than anything I am daring enough to attempt. She has maintained a great sense of humor through some stomach issues, a job loss and some landlording issues...and I think that ability to handle stuff will serve her well in marriage.

So, best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Magoo (hee hee!) for a great wedding day, a fantastic honeymoon, and an even better married life!


My plans to get A at So Midwestern out of her shell are moving along quickly...:-D. Faster than However, I am still soliciting single, fun, eligible males in Detroit. I promise that this will be fun!!! Please let me know if you have anyone who is a little adventurous and is willing to play along.


Glad to have Top Chef back seems like forever since there was a new episode! Can't wait for Runway to come back on, especially since I will now get it in HD. That will dramatically increase my viewing enjoyment!


Smoking Hot Roommate has suggested spa day on Saturday, and I could not possibly agree more! Mani/pedi and a facial...maybe a massage. Sounds like several friends are up for it, as well...this is possibly the best idea ever:-)


I guess those are my random thoughts for today...ciao!

Or, if I am to begin practicing...Adieu!


Katie said...

I've been missing Top Chef as well. So glad its back! I haven't watched yet, but it is on my DVR for tonight.

I did go to Flip last night though. That is the new restaurant in ATL that Richard Blais just opened. FABULOUS.

ella said...

Hate to break the news to you but PR is on hold indefinitely due to the litigation between Bravo and Lifetime....

anne said...


Jamie said...

French boyfriends...I want one too!!!!!!! :)

Still just me said...

I am kicking myself in the ass for dropping that french class in high school. I could have gone to Paris and found a little french boyfriend too!

Scotty said...

PR... great show. Maybe I will add that to the list you tagged me for :)

OF COURSE he goes by 'A.P.', any guy would if his parents made 'Anne' their first name!