Friday, January 23, 2009

Ring Tones!

There are a lot of fun blog activities that circulate the web, and I am making up my own today:-) It should be fun, I think. First, a confession: I love ringtones. That's right, I am a ringtone whore...virtually everyone who matters has their own song that plays when they call me. And I never get tired of the little music snippets I get all day if anyone calls. OK...not "all day"...since I feel like it is not maybe that professional to have Christina Aguilera blaring out of my phone at work...

What I have decided to do is to run through all of my ringtones, and tell you why each one belongs to the person it belongs to. Call it "insight through RAZR" (yes, I need a new phone.) So, here are all of the tones I have in my phone right now.

  • Big Sis: "California Love" - 2Pac. Because it's her favorite song. Yes.
  • Smoking Hot Roommate: "Mr. Brightside" - The Killers. The best song of the decade for the best person of the decade.
  • Munchkin: "Beautiful Day" - U2. I love the opening to this, and it is kinda how I feel when she calls, so it matched.
  • The Boy: "Ants Marching" - Dave Matthews. A) He loves Dave Matthews. B) Its about regular everyday living, which I like the idea of.
  • Twin Sister: "I kissed a girl" - Katie Perry. Yea, I am that obvious.
  • Papa Bear: "Satisfaction" - The Rolling Stones. The music fits him.
  • The Body: "Hey Ya!" - OutKast. Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!
  • The Mouth: "Dirty" - Christina Aguilera. Cause it ROCKS! Like her!
  • BFFb: "Breathe" - Faith Hill. He hates that this is his ringtone, because it is super gay. But it was the first song I heard after the most important thing that ever happened with us, so it will always stay.
  • BFFg: "Freshmen" - The Verve Pipe. Old song, reminds me of some old times.
  • The Brain Surgeon: "Green Eyes" - Coldplay. This used to be Big Sis's, but he objected. That is what you get for objecting! It is now his!
  • Boss Foxy: "Girlfriend" - Matthew Sweet. She picked this, and I like it. The opening guitar riff makes a great ring!
Non Blog-named friends:
  • J : "Ticks" - Brad Paisley. Love this song!
  • J (2): "Since You Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson. Oh yea, I have sung this as loud as I can in bars at 1:00am several times.
  • J (3): "Toxic" - Britney Spears. Britney's best work, by a mile.
  • A: "I want it that way" - The Backstreet Boys. Because no one would be more excited if they made a huge comeback.
  • C: "Smack My Bitch Up" - Prodigy. And whenever she calls, I kinda want to start a bar fight. Weird...
  • K: "Living on a Prayer" - Bon Jovi. Same rationale as J (2).
  • M: "In da Club" - 50 Cent. Because I can also wrap in bars.
  • S: "Hot in Heeere" - Nelly. Ditto.
  • E: "Somebody told me" - The Killers. A tribute to a boyfriend of hers leaving her for another man. She finds it moderately humorous.
  • T: "She loves me" - The Stallionaires. Oh yes, Real and Chance from VH1's myriad dating shows have a band...and they have songs...
That is pretty much all of them. I have some others that I think are not assigned to anyone right now. Also, Tinkerbelle doesn't have one! I think she should...any suggestions?

This was fun! I am hereby suggesting that you all do it! Um...can I tag everyone?

Have a great weekend!


laurwilk said...

Yah! I am so happy you did this. Ha, it's fun! I'll get some ringtones on my phone first and then I'll play this little game. Maybe that can be my homework for the weekend? Haha.

I'm emailing you a song idea!

erin said...

I love ringtones! And Real and Chance have a band AND already have their own ringtone?!? I must get this immediately, and I know exactly who I'm going to assign it to!

Aaron said...

What is my ringtone?

Accidentally Me said...

I'd give you "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins. You'd be OK with that, I assume?

But I am not giving out my phone number, so its kinda irrelevant;-)

Accidentally Me said...

Erin -

A said...

OMG. Here's the thing. If I was in your phone - I would SO want I Want It That Way as my ringtone.

So obviously that A in your life is kind of awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. i don't even know that many people to assign ringtones to!

Ys said...

I'm so lame. My ringtone is the same for everyone - The Used's "Taste of Ink". Great song and very loud so I always know when it's ringing ;)

Rachel H. said...

That's crazy! I'm terrible and all of my friends and family have the exact same ringtone for everyone in my phone.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I have some of my calls alligned with ring tones while others are generic - I like to know who's calling sometime wihtout lookig so it's neat...

Anonymous said...

holy hell you have a lot of ringtones. i think i have like 1. maybe 2.

Heather said...

I used to have a lot of ringtones...gonna have to stock up. Right now I just have one for's "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf -- I've never gotten sick of it!!! :)

Lpeg said...

I haven't put any ringtones on my new phone yet. I used to have 'Hey There Delilah" as my main ringtone, before they got all famous.

I like it though! There's a website where you can import the song, edit and clip it to where you want the ringtone, and send it to your phone... FOR FREE! I'll have to get Lil Sis to send me that website again!

Ine Oroh said...

Wow, that's a lot of people and a lot of songs ... mine are grouped, 1 for hubby & home, 1 for family, 1 for the gang, etc ... and it usually changed periodically :)

Individual songs are just too much for me (not to mention extremely limited song knowledge).