Sunday, January 11, 2009

The snow, it falls, but I don't mind at all...

It is a beautiful, snowy, Sunday morning, and I am feeling a little bloggy! Plus, I am not real sure that I will be able to blog tomorrow morning, so maybe this will cover me in case I can't:-P

A lot of the beauty is based on the simple fact that I don't have to leave the house all day...snow is much prettier from inside;-). So, I can sit in my toasty apartment and look out the windows to the serene, stunning city snowscape. I can drink tea and stay in my pajamas under a blanket all day. Heaven!

Let's see...I have a couple of things to catch you up on. First, as I updated in my Friday post, I was really happy with my bonus. It came out to a about 20% of my salary...which was less than last year (it was about 35% last year), but at least as much as I expected. I probably figured it would be more like 10%-15%. The partners took a lot less than last year (Boss Foxy's was about a third of what it was last year...but don't cry for was 50 times bigger than mine...give or take a few

Right on schedule, Munchkin's French boyfriend called her yesterday at 11:00 am. I am not sure if punctuality is cultural, or if he is just that smitten;-). They talked for almost an hour, and she spent a lot of it laughing and giggling which I guess means it went well. She told me that she really likes him, so I guess that means some more emails and phone calls for a while. I think it is all very cute:-).

Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis, Munchkin and I went out for lunch and to the spa after that. I had a mani/pedi and a really excellent facial which made me feel really awesome. We also had lots of good girl talk and tried to tease Munchkin about her new "boyfriend". Unfortunately, she is very difficult to tease because she doesn't get embarrassed by things like this...totally ruins our fun!

Munchkin spent the night at a friend's house (and in fact is now preparing to go sledding) so The Boy and I had the place to ourselves. We went out for dinner...actually to kind of a fancy place that gave me an excuse to dress up a little bit. It was snowing a little bit, but it wasn't too much to really make it hard to get around town. We originally planned to meet some people after dinner, but decided to bag on that and came home sort of early.

Then we had a whole bunch of really outstanding sex:-). He was complaining that his skin was really dry from the cold weather, so the skin lotion came out for some whole-body rubdowns. I can't actually orgasm from having my feet and lower legs rubbed, but I feel like it is awfully close...:-). So we got all messy, then took a shower and went to bed at a pretty reasonable hour. One good thing about taking a shower before bed is that you wake up feeling pretty clean will let your mind go wild with that one...

And that gets us to right now:-) The Boy made breakfast, and Munchkin should be out until early afternoon at least. I don't really plan on doing anything today...unless you count taking a two hour bath as "doing something". Because that is on the agenda:-).

Hope you all are enjoying the snow as much as I am!


Jamie said...

We got snow this weekend, too. I'm very excited about it. As you said, much prettier from the inside. Enjoy the lazy Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

I would so love to have some more snow over here.
We only have aout 3 to 5 cm. It's quite cold here, -10°C today and of course even colder at night.
I was out, but all packed up in like 5 layers of clothes. :-)

Still just me said...

We have snow on the ground from last week, but now the sky is clear. That means it is just plain cold.

I want more snow just to warm things up a little bit.

dawn said...

My dog loves the snow. Me? Not as much.

Congrats on the bonus. I long to be employed. But I'm self-employed so it's a vicious circle. Can I give myself a bonus? Nah, not until I start bringing money in. Such a catch-22.

Ys said...

Aww still no snow here :(

Congratulations on the bonus :) And the weekend sounded very fun indeed ;)

Cait said...

So, I happened to stumble across your blog this morning and have since spent way too much of my day catching up on old posts. I think I'm addicted, but it's time I get back to being a productive member of society. I look forward to checking back.

Kudos on the fantastic site!

Aaron said...

If they can afford to give you a 20% increase, they must not be paying you much. We were told today there would be no merit increases for 2009. I believe I've only seen raises twice in the 5yrs I've been with this company. *sigh*

P.S. You need to update my blog URL.