Thursday, January 22, 2009


In case you didn't catch my late update yesterday...I had a funny exchange with Laurwilk yesterday about Munchkin's illness. Laurwilk mentioned that she used to get sick all the time when she was a kid, until she got her tonsils out, and then it got better. That obviously leads to a question...and the realization that I had no idea whether or not Munchkin still had her tonsils. OK..."no idea" is strong, I feel like I would have known if she had them out, but it was conceivable that it was done during the year and a half that I was sort of out of touch.

I have confirmed, however, that she is in fact still the owner of two healthy tonsils. So, cross that off of the list of things a real Mom would know that I don't;-).

Anyway, she is feeling better, but is still home from school. Her fever came down, but she still has trouble eating anything more than crackers and is still dragging. My guess is that I will keep her home tomorrow and give her the whole weekend to recover...unless she really begs me to go to school. This is so much easier when they can be home alone!

Other than that, there is not a whole lot going on. Chicken fingers are sort of up in the air tonight...we will skip it unless she is feeling much better. I had also planned to meet some friends for a drink after that, but I think I will have to skip that, too. I dunno...if she is feeling better and The Boy is staying in, maybe I will sneak out for a bit. These are girls that I haven't seen in a bit and I want to catch up with them.

Big meeting today where they are outlining the plans for the year for the firm. I have seen the presentation already (I helped Papa Bear put it together) so I kinda know what is in there, but it will still be interesting to see it. And to get people's reactions. There is nothing earth-shattering, but you never know how people respond to even minor changes.

That should break up the day nicely...I have some stuff to do all morning, and then that is from 10:30 to probably 1:30. Then the day is mostly over:-) Hopefully that makes it go by fast!


Jamie said...

Hope Munchkin starts to feel better! And, good luck with the meeting--we had one last week and people flipped due to minor changes. eeek.

laurwilk said...

You are leaving me for THREE HOURS? Oh lordy me. I'm glad your day will go by fast!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I really hope Munchkin feels better soon - poor thing! Good luck with your meeting!