Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yet another birthday wish

Who knows what today is? It is another one of the best days of the year. What is the only thing almost as good as my birthday? Why...Smoking Hot Roommate's birthday, of course!

That's right...the divine Ms. AHH (or Mrs. AHB if you would rather) turns the ripe old age of 25 today. "But AM," you ask "How can that be? You are very clearly closer to 27 than 26, yet you are both the same age? Didn't you go to college together?"

Excellent question! Why yes, we did go to college together. But, you see, Miss Smarty Pants skipped seventh grade, so she is way younger than me. So yes, add that to the list...she is smarter than the rest of us:-P.

I have very little left to say about her that I haven't before. Like, maybe in these birthday posts from two years ago. Or this one from last year:-) So, today I am going to talk about something that I have just sort of come to realize, and that relates very much to a story that we have already covered this week.

On Tuesday, I covered Munchkin's super-impressive social skills. What I didn't write, but that I have found myself thinking a lot lately, is "You know, that is something that SHR would have done." Munchkin thinks and acts a lot like SHR does in a lot of ways...(also, they kinda look alike...if you met the three of us, you would assume that they were the sisters.)

This makes perfect sense, really. We all lived together from August of 2005 until January of 2008. Munchkin was 10 when she moved out here, and she was almost 13 when we moved out...she was a little girl when she got here, and a young woman by then. This is a really important time in a girl's life, especially when it comes with all of the traumas that Munchkin went through at that time (losing her second parent, new city, new school, new everything, really.) Obviously, she will be really influenced by the people that she spends a lot of time with around then.

I noticed early on that she had picked up a lot of the mannerisms and language and sayings that SHR and I use. Recently though, I am finding that she approaches things much the way that SHR does. Always with the assumption that people are good and worthwhile, always with the intention of being good, and always with a certain level of grace and confidence. I am not sure that I can really describe what I am thinking...she just seems to have a lot of SHR's personality.

And really, I can think of no better person to emulate. Here, on her birthday, is just about the highest compliment I can pay to someone:

Smoking Hot Roommate, I hope Munchkin grows up to be just like you.

Happy Birthday!


erin said...

What a lovely post! Happy Birthday Smokin' Hot Roommate!

Ys said...

Aww that's so lovely :)

Happy birthday, SHR!

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

I think that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me:-)

Love you, AM!

laurwilk said...

Happy birthday, SHR! This post is wonderful. And much more meaningful than the last nice thing! Hahahaha.

Amy said...

Very sweet! Happy Birthday to SHR!

Nicole said...

Awwww! Happy bday SHR

Lori S-C said...

wishing SHR a very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wishing a (late) Happy Birthday to SHR!
Great post.

Whine Girl said...

Happy Birthday SHR!

*waving* at AM :)


Jamie said...

This is a sweet post! Happy birthday SHR!