Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Drunk at work? Never!

I got sent off on a really fun morning project for work...attending an annual meeting that is much more fun than almost any other annual meeting you could imagine:-) There was really no compelling need for any of us to be there, but the bosses wanted someone to go just to be present, and picked me because I am just so fucking adorable.

So, kind of only a half day for me, and I am maybe a little bit drunk...hee hee. Ever been drunk at work? It's WEIRD!!! And I feel like I should just keep drinking slowly all afternoon to keep from getting hungover or falling asleep. That could be taken as a hint to bring me some booze, Big Sis...

Munchkin is now an hour and twelve minutes into her very first work shift ever...do you suppose she has realized yet that it is not nearly as fun as she imagined? Maybe it will take a few days. Or maybe she will need to see the tax withholding on her first paycheck;-). But she and her brother, sister-in-law and niece made it to the beach with no trouble and seem to be all settled in. In addition to being a huge help that he took the two weeks to be there with her, it will be a great chance for her to visit with them all and be Auntie Munchkin.

On that note, sort of, Tinkerbelle's Mom and I are trying to firm up plans for her to come out here for a bit this summer...hopefully at least a full week, more on that as I figure it out.

I am noticing a precipitous drop in the number of comments here lately. Have I become that boring that no one has anything to say to me any more? That saddens me:-( Well, actually, not really...boring can be good. But it does make me worry about the reasons I do this, and whether or not I still get as much out of it as I used to. With a massive life change coming up in September, I don't know whether or not I will still blog like I do now...we will have to see. I may find that I need it even more, are that I don't really need it at all. I guess only time will tell.

Seriously, ignore me, I am not sober...and don't tell the bosses. Other than Big Sis, of course:-)


laurwilk said...

Hahahaha. Hilarious! I've never been drunk at work (well, not real work) but I think it could be very entertaining. I did take a final once drunk (on accident) and I think it might be a similar feeling. Especially with everyone around being so quiet!

Brian said...

Was I just manipulated using guilt into leaving a comment? I think so :)

Long time reader and first time commentor (sounds like a call in show).

Sounds like you have a great summer ahead and I really appreciate and enjoy your stories.

Heading to Boston for the weekend soon and can't wait to see your city. Having moved to LA from Chicago recently it will nice to be in a city with some character.

SG said...

Like Brian above I'm a first time commentor though I've been reading for a while. I enjoy your blog and I hope you continue it even after September.

And yes I've been drunk at work, definitely makes the day more enjoyable!

Kari said...

I too have been guilted into commenting....usually don't comment (because I am lazy) but love reading your blog...I love your writing (and how you always look on the bright side).
Nope...never drunk at work.n, but drunk during work time..when I was 18, my coworkers took me and wouldn't let me leave until I used up all $90 of their money...all my bosses, etc were there. I think we got there at noon and didn't leave until about 7 or 8... That's about as close to being drunk at work as I have been!

Hope you aren't missing the Munchkin too much!


Ezekiel said...

I'll just those that feel guilty. I read but I don't think I've ever commented.

I love reading about your adventures and I hope you continue sharing.

Ys said...

I always comment! ;)

Drunk at work in the summer is allowed, I think ;)

Heather said...

It's been awhile since I've swung by and/or commented...sorry! ;)

But wait...what did I miss? What's in September?!

Accidentally Me said...

Heather - Back to school in the fall, full-time and not sure what my schedule will be like just yet.