Sunday, June 14, 2009

Please don't let the family courts in Illinois read this

You know what you are getting today? How about a Sunday THAT is a throwback. I can't even tell you the last time I posted on a Sunday. But, we are back from the beach and from dropping Munchkin's brother and sister-in-law and the baby at the airport, and now The Boy is grilling dinner and I am preparing to enjoy that and maybe a cocktail or two on the deck on this beautiful (a touch chilly:-)) Sunday night.

And I am, for the moment, feeling a little bloggy.! I am also not sure that I will be around tomorrow, so I am getting a jump on Monday's post...

Let's see...the weathermen promised a kinda of so-so weekend, and it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. Well, Saturday was, today was a little iffy. Warmer than they said, and sunny and just downright delightful. Munchkin is totally settled in at the beach and enjoying herself thoroughly. She is working hard (she got her first ever paycheck on Friday and was pretty fired up about that), has made a lot of new friends already, and is just basically on top of the world these days. I am jealous;-).

Big Sis is on parenting duty this week, and I am a little worried about what kind of trouble the two of them may get into They have never been together alone for that long before, and it could turn into some mischief:-D. Just to give you an idea, I actually had the following conversation with Big Sis this weekend (I think she was, mostly, kidding):

Big Sis: I am hoping that I can get a lot of work done with all of the peace and quiet.
Me: Imagine how productive you can be all week without SHR and I forcing drinks into your hand all the time.
Big Sis: Munchkin can drink, right?
Me: Ha ha, no.
Big Sis: Not at all?
Me: Um, no.
Big Sis: I don't mean like totally wasted...but we can have a sunset vodka tonic, right?
Me: Um, no, you most certainly can not.
Big Sis: Even if we are staying in all night?
Me: She is completely and totally banned from consuming any vodka under any circumstances.
Big Sis: Hmm. Good to know.
Me: And gin, rum and tequila, too.
Big Sis: Yea, that was my next question.

So, you can see what I am up against! (For the record, she was not seriously planning on slugging Ketel One all week with the 14-year-old. DSS can be assured that Munchkin is very mature, capable hands.)

One final note on my post from last Friday (which set a new record for comments for me, I think:-))...we decided to go ahead and have the invitations say "Ms. Tinkerbelle and Ms. Munchkin cordially invite you..." and I think it is super cute.

A couple of people asked how The Boy's parents would feel, and also how Papa Bear may feel. The Boy's parents would never worry about petty things like that, and his Mom will find it completely adorable. As for Papa Bear (who, for the record, is not actually paying for anything directly...The Boy and I are paying for the whole thing...but he is providing the venue, since it is his house), he would probably feel a little weird if the invitations came from him. I am, after all, not actually his daughter...

So, that decision has been made. As have most of the others, but I put more thought into this than the rest of them.


Brian said...

Brilliant conversation, had me laughing out loud.

Ys said...

DSS can be assured that Munchkin is very mature, capable hands

This made me laugh out loud hehe ;) I shouldn't worry. I'd think Munchkin is probably the only fourteen year old not slugging vodka, right? ;)

laurwilk said...

Hahaha! I love the conversation with Big Sis. I have a feeling she is mostly kidding as well.

I'm glad Munchkin is enjoying the good life at the beach. JEAAALous.

Glad you decided to go with the super cute little sibling invite!

SG said...

What about beer?? :)

Great convo, definitely made me laugh.