Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just like old time. Almost

I sort of have a lengthy, serious post that I want to write, but I am not quite ready to do so just yet, so it will have to wait. Actually, there are two, but I am unlikely to write about the other one at all, so I won't even promise it.

Not gonna lie, I am a little bit hungover today. I went out with the boys from work last night for the first time in a VERY long time, and had maybe a beverage too many (or three). Nothing like the debaucherous nights of old (pre-Munchkin) times, but still more drinking than I generally do on a Tuesday.

[ What kind of debauchery? the night that we met a bunch of people in a bar and somehow ended up at Foxwoods until about 6:oo am on a Wednesday night. And one of my co-workers punched some random guy out because he made at least one too many inappropriate comment about me. And people say chivalry is dead:-)]

Since most of them have wives or girlfriends at this point, there was no need for me to revive my role as the World's Greatest Wingwoman. Actually, one of them met his wife on one of those wild nights four years ago...yes, I picked up his wife in a bar;-) (I think it was The Place). And, since none of them were really on the prowl, it was a little more mellow than it used to be. Which is fine, I am not in that kind of drinking shape anymore:-)

The Boy came to meet us at about 11:30, and we were home and asleep by 1:00 (after all, I can't get a little tipsy and not be expected to cause some mischief when we get home:-D)...which is reasonable enough. But, not early enough to avoid a pretty painful morning;-)


laurwilk said...

Ha, nothing like a wild night out every now and then! I seriously can't hang like I used to either.

Glad you are enjoying yourself and taking advantage of being child free!

Katie said...

Sounds like a fun night! Although I'm not sure how you're functioning today -- if i stayed out until 1:00 on a work night I would be a total zombie the next day. I'm old I guess :)

Amy said...

I don't know how you are functioning either! I can't seem to stay awake at work and I got 8 hrs of sleep last night. My body is screaming at me from our Vegas trip last weekend! I am still SOOO tired!

Ys said...

Laurwilk pretty much said what I was thinking :) Glad you're enjoying yourself! And mid-week partying always feels better than at the weekend, doesn't it?

Kari said...

Just wondered if you had any commentary about this story!

Lisa Chelle said...

Its always a good time, to go back to another place. Hangovers hurt more when you are out of practice, though.