Friday, June 05, 2009

I bet the Apple folks would tell me that this doesn't happen to them

Since I went into a bit of a serious spiral of issues yesterday (and yes, my lack of suitable clothing is a serious issue), I will spare you my continued ranting today. No matter how badly our massive Federal spending will lead to a phony recovery and at least a decade of economic stagnation and inflation. So, you have that to look forward to;-)

But it is Friday, and I care not to burden you with any of that. Unfortunately, I just opened up a document that I have been working on all week, and it is totally and completely ruined...f'in computers irritate me sometimes. So, now I gotta see if I can figure that fun fun.

Then, the beach:-) Weather is not supposed to be great, but I will deal;-)

Happy weekend!

[Update: 3 hours later, I have mostly re-done all of what I had lost. All of the tables somehow got corrupted, so about half of the data in them was gone. Yay!!!]

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Ys said...

Aw no I hate it when computers do that. I once lost a whole novel! Luckily I had it printed out but I still had to type it all up again.