Monday, June 08, 2009

Semi-permanently off the leash

Gooooood morning everyone:-) Did you have a nice weekend? I suppose that, save for funerals or major catastrophes, most weekends are inherently nice. The whole "not working" thing...

So, let's see...hit some traffic heading to the beach on Friday, which is always a total bummer. There is little worse that really wanting to get somewhere (and having a ferry to catch;-)) and getting stuck in some mind-numbing traffic. The worst part of it is that the traffic was caused by someone who had been pulled over in the breakdown lane. That's right...there was no traffic actually stopped, just 4,000 cars backed up to look at a guy getting a speeding ticket. Yay!

That aside, we made it to the beach OK. It was kinda chilly on Saturday...definitely not bikini weather...but very sunny and pretty pleasant. Sunday was a little warmer, but still not quite sun-bathing weather. That's fine, though, it is still fun to just hang out with everyone. And, my new favorite pastime: harassing Munchkin at work:-D. I didn't actually harass her, but I did buy an ice cream cone from her:-)

She seems to have settled in very quickly, which is no surprise at all. She is going to be working at the ice cream store in the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and babysitting Monday and Wednesday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. So, she will be very busy:-). It is possible that this turns out to be too much, and she can cut back a bit if she wants. Or, she will probably have the option to kind of babysit as much as she wants if she likes it. My guess is that people will ask her to babysit all the time, and she will have to figure out how to say No;-).

I am kind of settled in, too. It is weird not having her around! For four years I have been used to having her around while I get ready for work in the morning, and while we are making dinner, and to walk to and from work with me, and just to sort of be around. Not that I don't fully appreciate having The Boy all to myself (:-D), it is just an adjustment to get used to not having her around. But seeing as I am 26 fucking years old, I should probably figure it out, eh?

I suppose by September, I will be so used to not being Mom all the time that it will be weird to have her back;-)


Snarky A. said...

Hope you guys have a great summer!

Lisa Chelle said...

Have a great summer.

It does suck when you realize they don't need you as much as they once did.

My neph cory is 12... all I can think about is when I was his favorite person.

Still just me said...

Logan leaves every summer, and you fall right back into mother role very quickly.

Ys said...

I'd be handling the situation so much worse than you hehe. I couldn't let her go all summer; I just couldn't handle it hehe. I know it's good for her but I'd be selfish ;) So I'm really impressed that you're getting on so well without her. I'm sure you'll each have great summers and will have lots to share over the months when you are properly living together again :)