Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I am very tired and have a bit of a headache today (self-inflicted), I am taking a short cut to blogging, and will recount a couple of conversations I have had in the last few days:


Munchkin: Can I go to New York later this year to see The Kills?
Me: No
Munchkin: Not even with [two girls that are her supervisors/friends at work]?
Me: No

I may be the coolest Mom in the seventh grade, but even I have some common sense. I will acknowledge that the two girls are both lovely and very mature and trustworthy...but yea, not quite.


The Boy: You wanna come running with me?
Me: Like, on foot?
The Boy: We can go slow
Me [pointing at legs]: How would that even work? Look how short these are!


Big Sis: I see no problem with you being overweight commodity and ag-related sectors
Me: I bought some POT in my IRA last week
Smoking Hot Roommate (laughing): If I told you five years ago that you would ever say that, would you have believed me?
Me: Yea, but I would have assumed that it meant something else entirely


(With a good friend who is a total sweetheart, but sometimes gets so excited that she talks without thinking. Here, she was talking about the wife of a friend of her much-older husband)

Friend: Oh my God, she is gorgeous and I am so jealous of her
Me: She is pretty hot for someone over 40
Friend: And she has a baby and a Cayenne. Her life is, like, perfect
Me: Ahh, so that is the formula


In other news...BFFg and her boyfriend are weighing the idea of her moving in with him. Yes, this is the same boyfriend that I set her up with after meeting him in Las Vegas last year. Not sure she is ready to actually make that jump right now, but it definitely appears that they are thinking very long term. Squeal!


Big Sis said...

Is it bad that she asked me about New York and I told her "You have to ask AM, but I bet she will let you go"?

Anonymous said...

i am a big fan of the entertainment that comes along with daily conversations.

on another note, can we talk about south carolina's governor? fancy state i live in!

Aaron said...

Marriage is long-term. Moving in? Not so much.

laurwilk said...

Um, I would have let Munchkin stay with me! I am responsible!