Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Doings!

The refrigerator died this morning, breaking down into a pool of leaking and groaning cooling unit (or motor, or something). Normally this would be a giant pain in the ass...but when you are stuck at home, this counts as high entertainment! I had to throw out some stuff, but fortunately the fridge was kinda empty so the losses were minimal.

Through the wonders of the Internet, I managed to research, price, order and take delivery of a brand new stainless GE fridge by the end of the day. How is that for a productive day? Easiest of The Boy's money that I ever spent;-) Since I no longer have a paycheck, I find it quite a bit easier to spend:-P (Totally not true).

Maybe, if I get really lucky, the washer and/or dryer will die tomorrow, followed by the dishwasher and the oven. Fun all around!!! Of course, we would be totally broke by then, but at least I would be entertained for a few days.

This week's evidence that Munchkin is the best kid ever...she calls me every afternoon because she knows I am bored:-) Typically when we are not in the same place, we talk every night, but she has changed her routine this time because she knows I am home alone all day and have The Boy at home with me at night. So she takes 20 minutes out of every afternoon to call me and chat.

OK, so taking a couple minutes out of your busy day of lounging on the beach to call your big sister (while still lounging on the beach) is not exactly donating a kidney, but you get my point. She is, of course, enjoying herself and enjoying her Frenchie immensely...and is being very good about staying off of her foot. (Yes, I totally checked with Frenchie's Mom).

She gets home on Saturday, and then we have to think about getting her ready to move to Smoking Hot Roommate's place! We will probably move some of her clothes and stuff over, but that shouldn't be too hard. I think we just want to make sure her room is ready so that she can basically just go there after school one day and essentially be moved. Obviously, it is pretty easy for her to go back and forth, but I would rather not have to think about it after the babies are here.

I guess that is about it for now...I am tired from all the excitement


Jen said...

Yay! I mean, it sucks that your refrigerator broke, but man were you productive in rectifying the situation! LOL

Katie said...

Maybe it is time to take up watching a show that you've always wanted to and just never had the time for. Like Gossip Girl or something -- just order the first few seasons and make it your goal to get yourself caught up!

Just a thought ... I am sure you are bored to tears.

Kari said...

If a fridge had to die...what better time then when you were home to prevent major damage! Maybe you can start some little project for the babies -- maybe write them a letter to open when they are 16? Write a funny kids book that you can read to them every night?? Hope this week speeds by.

Accidentally Me said...

Kari, you totally have the best ideas for keeping myself occupied all week! I should have checked with you last week and planned all of this stuff!