Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just a quick clarification on some things based on a comment from Jen yesterday.

There is almost no chance that I will deliver these babies naturally, and that is totally OK by me. One of them has been in breach position pretty much the whole pregnancy and the other one has flipped back and forth a bit (but is not in the correct position and likely will remain there). If they don't think that they can deliver both naturally, then they won't attempt it, so it seems really unlikely that we will even try.

I have kind of wanted a section the whole time, though, so that is fine with me. The way I look at it, you either suffer coming or going and you can't avoid it. You either get the pain and difficulty of labor and two deliveries, or you get the pain and nuisance of a recovery from the surgery. And while the recovery from a c-section is not as bad as it used to be, it is still a major, invasive surgery that you don't just get up and walk around afterwards. And of course, there is recovery from a natural delivery as well.

But here is my great fear...I am worried that I will go into labor, go through 10, 12, 24, 36 or however many hours it takes and maybe even deliver one of them, but then have them say that the other one is out of position and can't be moved and that they will have to do a section anyway. No way am I going through a full labor and still having to go through that kinda surgery. And since at least one of them has been out of position the whole time, that just seems way too likely.

So, even if the doctors tell me that we could try a normal delivery, I think at this point I would probably just rather have them go ahead and have a c-section.

On another note, I see that some of you have taken note of the new "Thought for the Day" over on the right. Munchkin said that a couple of weeks ago, but I will leave it up there for a few more days because it is super cute. And we can all guess what day in April she is rooting for;-)


Kari said...

I think you are wise to schedule the C. All indications are that you should have a C and things can go from 0-crazy in L&D. If they know there could be a problem all ready -- go for the C (and No I am not usually a C-section pusher). I am pretty sure that the midwife I work with would even agree!!
Oh and I think it would be awesome if they are born on Munchkins birthday -- I share my B-day with my littliest cousin and it is wonderful we even have our own club -- if you can't wait until Munchkins B-day -- the 31st is just a few days before that and they could join the club (we always accept new members!)
Enjoy these last few weeks! Hope school goes well.


The Crazy Canadian who is avoiding work and instead reading blogs :) said...

Forgot to say -- saw this and thought Munchkin (and many others) would get a kick out of it
Apparently if you use the code MOM in the checkout you save $5!


Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Does this mean that you are going to try and cover your scar with another tattoo when Munchkin turns 18 and drags us all out for our group inking?

Jen said...

Oh man, in that case, I'm keeping my fingers crossed they hold out until the 15th!

Trigger said...

I believe delivery is a very personal choice, so I'm not trying to sway you here.

Just wanted to share something that might make you feel better - my twin siblings were opposite directions in utero. Baby A was vertex, Baby B was breech. My mom went into labor so fast that Baby A (my sweet, sweet sister) was born 10 minutes later, so there was no time to do anything but go with the flow! Fortunately, once she was delivered, there was space to rotate her twin (my brother!)and he was also delivered vertex. So take heart, if things start to go on their own, there will be ways to have good outcomes!

(I would wanted a scheduled section if I were in your shoes, too, though!)

Exgf said...

So glad to log in today and catch up with you! I've been traveling for work and haven't been able to do my normal "blog stalking"..... Love the thought for the day - I think I commented on it last week! I LOVE IT!

Saying extra prayers for you through out your last few weeks :)

Have a great weekend!!!


Windy City Kelley's said...

I am scared of the same thing. I'm also scared that I will labor too fast and won't be able to get any drugs. I know most people don't want the drugs, but I am not one of those people. :)

Irene said...

Back from vacation and have to comment even if it is a little late.
I went into labor with both of my kids and had c-secs afterwards because both times labor stopped and there were indications that the babys won't come out by themselves and the heartrates went bad. 1st time labor was about 8 hours, 2nd time was about 12 hours and I hated needing to be cut open anyways after all the pain.
Also recovery wasn't easy because I couldn't get up myself, couldn't lift up my babys from the crib for a week, no laughing, sneezing or coughing without major pain because they have to cut through the stomach muscles.
I know in your case there is an indication that the babys won't be able to come out naturally but all these women who schedule a C because they think it's the easy way out of all the pain or it just fits in their calender...sorry but that's b...shit. Surgery pain is much worse and lasts longer.