Monday, March 08, 2010

This is easier when it is freezing out

I assume that everyone is familiar with the legendary scene in Alien when the thing crawls out of the guy's stomach? Well...for the last few days, my stomach has looked very much like the early stages of that! Well, pregnanter...

I just can not describe how totally weird it is to see bizarre lumps and rolls and indentations coming and going all the time. Sometimes I feel like it is maybe an elbow, or a foot or something, but usually you just can't tell what it is at all. Whatever it is...they have been ACTIVE the last couple of days. know what it looks like? It looks exactly like there is someone in there rolling around and pressing against the skin from the inside;-)

Also... the kicking in the crotch? It feels like they are trying to get out!!! I know a lot of women get the bladder kicking, which supposedly hurts a lot. I haven't had any of that, but they are doing a number on my cervix...

You know what makes bed rest 1000 times worse? Nice was sunny and mid- 50's all weekend here, and it made me sick to not be able to get outside for more than five minutes. I felt like a little kid who was sent to her room and had to watch all of the neighborhood kids playing out her window.

Spring break next week, which will be really I should have a TON of work to do,which should keep me busy, hopefully. Munchkin is definitively leaving me to cavort with her dashing foreign boyfriend and family. PT and doctor's appointment last week and they both said that she is good to go. No running, no jumping, no extended walking or standing and just basically taking it sorta easy. Obviously, swimming is all good, which is convenient. Frenchie's Mom volunteered to make sure that she sticks to her rules...very nice of her.

Kind of a funny conversation with her about her leaving. We were making flight arrangements, and I said something about "We need to make sure that The Boy can drive you guys to the airport on Saturday morning," (her friend is going to...I mentioned that, right?). Her response was "Eh, we can just take a cab if we have to."

You know, because 14 year old girls just hop in cabs on their own all the time...right?


Katie said...

Totally understand about the random body parts sticking out of your belly! I always try to figure out if it is a hand or foot or elbow but usually I can't.

Are you getting poked in the ribs? That to me is the worst -- it always happens when I'm trying to fall asleep.

Monika said...

I feel so bad for you! My sister's baby was very active. It freaked me out to see her belly moving all the time.
He played too hard though, because her water broke 8 weeks early! I believe it was an accident because he certainly wasn't ready to come out. Be happy most of your bed rest is at home, my sister spent two straight weeks in the hospital! Physical labor wasn't happening so they were keeping her there to monitor for infection, and decided to induce two weeks later (and it still took three days for him to come).

As a side note... I am almost through your 2007 posts! Woohoo. Thank you for keeping my work nights occupied. :)

Ys said...

My mother said she felt EXACTLY the same way. That's just how she described being pregnant with my eldest sister ;)