Saturday, March 27, 2010

Even scarier, she can probably say this in French

Wouldn't you know it, I am finally cleared to be a little less of a couch potato, and the weather suddenly reverts to mid-February. Seriously...the high today was about 37, and tomorrow is supposed to be just a little warmer. Then three days of cold rain before we finally maybe get some good weather later next week.

So...I am right back where I started...cooped up in the house, enjoying my sofa.

That is not entirely true...I went out for lunch yesterday with the boys in my group, which was a real treat. And The Boy and I had a brief dinner date tonight, which got me out into civilization for a couple hours. It is just nice to be a wee little bit more of an actual human being.

Now he is out for the night with some friends, and I am actually enjoying the quiet time:-). Munchkin went to the movies with a couple of the older girls that she plays soccer with (the ones I wouldn't let her go toilet-papering with in the fall) and should be back soon. I am gonna wait up for her and then go to bed...gotta sleep while I still can!!!

But I will give you one quick story that made me laugh...

Because of the cold, I decided that I wanted some tomato soup for lunch. Into the microwave it went, covered by a paper towel to keep it from splattering. As things often do, it made a big popping noise near when it was done, and when I took it out, it was clear that the soup had sort of exploded and the paper towel had absorbed a bunch of the soup.

My reaction was "Good thing I covered this, it would have exploded all over the inside."

Munchkin responded with a well-placed "That's what she said."



Hilary said...

She's a slick one! That made me laugh for a good 2 minutes.

Jen said...

LMAO! Oh, that was a good one, Munchkin! Man, she is growing up, huh?

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Just wait until after her month and a half with me! I'll have her firing off witty comments and off-color jokes like you can't even imagine!

Exgf said...

hahaha..... she totally beats Steve Carell

Happy Monday!


Windy City Kelley's said...

Love it! My husband says that all the time too.