Friday, March 12, 2010

"Spring Break" used to be more fun

How come no one noticed that yesterday was Tinkerbelle's birthday?!?!? I even tried reminding you, but I guess no one felt like checking the archives to figure out what March 11 is:-P. I wrote her a very long birthday email so she would have it when she woke up, and I sent her some clothes and girly stuff, too. And we talked for a while when she got home from school...needless to say, she is pretty darn excited to be an auntie! She is also very excited to come and visit her nieces once she gets out of school, which I am looking forward to as well. She is a really fun kid...different from Munchkin in a million ways, but really a treat to know.

I think I like the idea of having the babies on maybe a Friday morning, or a Thursday...just seems like right before the weekend is a good plan. Is it completely absurd for me to go to class on a Thursday morning and then head to the hospital afterwards to have them? I don't think they would let me, but it's a thought...:-D. Hmm...I would probably miss Project Runway that week, too...(yes, joke).

And, of course, they could choose to make their appearance long before then without my having a say in it. We are past the point where they would be in imminent danger just because they are so premature, which is obviously a good feeling. They still need another 4 weeks or so to be really, really healthy and not face the prospect of extra days in the hospital, but it is good to know that they could come now and be out of substantial danger.

On another note...still not totally decided on names. We are most of the way there, but not completely committed. I have a feeling that we won't know for sure until we meet them!

Not much going on this weekend. Munchkin leaves in the morning, and I will miss her lots. I am on Spring Break next week, which will make me really bored. I am hopeful that I can make a lot of progress on our group project so that I can advance it to a point where the guys in the group can pick it up and finish it during the next month when I am "less available." I think we have a good plan, so I am optimistic that it will work out. And it is not like I will be completely out of commission going forward, I would just like to step back a bit and only have to worry about my own individual work.

That is about it...other than that, I will just be around and laying low...and waiting!

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Lisa said...

a belated happy birthday to Tinkerbelle!

You probably already know this, but I find a really nice webside for inspiration concerning names.
Will you be posting their real names here? Or would one have to ask nicely to get to know them via email? ;)