Monday, March 15, 2010

The Boy

On the heels of my bitching about being on bed rest in my last post, I feel like I should write something a little more positive. Which brings me to The Boy's overall level of awesomeness.

The objective truth is that he has been a total trooper about the bed rest thing. It puts a lot of burden on him...he ends up having to do most of the housework and random chores around the house, he has to put up with me when I get grumpy and crabby, has largely lost his favorite spot on his favorite couch:-) and is suffering from the same lack of sex that I am. I can't help him with any of the furniture moving or assembly or the painting or anything of the related activities, and I can't really drive anywhere either (so, for instance, he was up at 6:00 on Saturday to take Munchkin to the airport on Saturday). In addition, Munchkin was a cranky housebound mess for part of this time as well, so he got to deal with both of us.

So, it hasn't been a treat for him at all, and I am sure that it is super frustrating. But he never complains, he constantly brings me juice and water and snacks and lets me have the remote when we are watching TV. He also makes sure that I don't spend too much time on my feet, even when I get bitchy about it:-)

In other words, he is awesome, and he is being a super-fantastic husband through all of this. In fairness, the babies were his idea, so he better be grateful that I am going through this shit:-P. Seriously, though, I have felt all along that he is going through this with me as much as possible, shouldering as much of the burden as he can and doing everything he can to make it easier on me. It is just important that he knows that I have noticed:-)

And once we get these monsters out of me, I will most definitely make it up to him!


Jen said...

So sweet. He has been amazing!

Lisa said...

Hurray for the boy!

Anonymous said...

Your hubby sounds fantastic!

I would feel guilty (and bored) laying around while my hubby did all the housework, but, hey...what you are doing is MUCH more important that sorting through junk or cleaning. Not to mention the fact that it won't last forever and with two babies you should be enjoying every quiet peaceful moment you have while you can.

Just think of it like this book: