Sunday, March 21, 2010

Returned Safely

Today was...oh...just about as nice a day as you will ever see. 70 degrees, sunny, warm and really just not at all like a late March day in New England should be like. We have a changing table that needed to be assembled, and since the instructions promised that it would be really difficult and required two people (it had at least 500 parts and pieces), The Boy's father came over to help. And, as long as his Dad was coming, his Mom figured that she would come and keep me company. And, as long as his Mom and Dad were coming, Twin Sister and her wife and their little girl came over, too.

So, the girls all sat out on the deck while the boys did the furniture assembly. And it was oh-so-very-divine to be outside on a day like today. Reclined, of course...I need to follow orders. I was pretty jealous that everyone else got to have an afternoon cocktail or two, but I will get over it. Only another month or so!!! OK, I can't totally start drinking then, but whatever.

Then I got Munchkin back this evening; I really, really missed her! More so this time than usual, just because I was so darned bored;-). But I am glad she went, despite missing her. She had a great time, and is looking super tanned and incredibly gorgeous.

She and Frenchie have really settled into what I think is a very healthy relationship. Obviously, she would rather that she saw him a lot more, but they seem to have accepted the situation and they don't let it eat at them too much (at least she doesn't). She appreciated every minute that she got to spend with him, and is already looking forward to seeing him again...but there is none of the crushing sadness that I think she felt when we left France last summer. It is almost as if they both know that they have gone months without seeing each other and that they can do it again.

Also, they seem to have a surprisingly deep friendship, but not nearly as deep a romantic relationship. In my view, that is a very good thing, because there is no way that they could maintain a relationship where they were seriously attached. They refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, but they don't act like 15 year olds that are "in love". There is none of the jealousy that you would expect to consume this sort of arrangement. She knows that he has friends that are girls, and vice versa and they can talk about it openly without getting offended.

I actually think that they are both a little bit afraid (rightfully) of trying to be seriously involved. They can tell that they are great friends with a special kind of connection, and they seem to want to preserve that above all else.

I don't know if I am explaining this very well. Short version, every time they see each other it is a big event in their "relationship" and this week was no exception. They have a really neat, unique kind of bond that I think is very good for her. He has already proven to be an extremely significant person in the course of her life, and there are no signs at present that this is going to change any time soon.

I should probably get used to him;-)

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Jen said...

Sounds like Munchkin has a really good thing going, and I think you should be so proud of her. This is yet another example of what a wonderful teen she is and how mature she is. Good for her!

And I'm so glad you got to sit outside yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather (it was so lovely down here in RI too)!