Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Summer Plans

Sorry about being kind of a bitchy mess yesterday...I am just kinda stir crazy and it comes out once in a while. Wait...I am not blaming nearly enough on pregnancy hormones, so I should chalk it up to that. Um...yea, pregnancy hormones making me crazy. Or something.

Anyway, what has become something of an annual discussion is back on the docket again...what to do about summer? This year is a little different than years past, but I still have some questions to iron out. Munchkin had a ridiculously good time last summer living at the beach, working at the ice cream store and babysitting for a family she really likes. Predictably, she is all for doing the same thing this year (and next, and the one after that, at which point she has already decided that she will look super cute tooling around with the top down in a Jeep Wrangler...but let's not get ahead of ourselves too much.)

I have something of the same problem I had last year, which is that someone has to be with her at all times. I am OK with her being by herself for a day or two (and by "by herself" I don't actually mean alone, since there is always someone there, I mean without me, Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis or Papa Bear), but I do feel like one of us should be around the whole time. Without any real parents, she gets a fistful of sorta-parents...

On the plus side, both my schedule and Big Sis' schedule are much more flexible this summer, and we will both spend more time at the beach than we normally do. I will have the whole summer off, and if she delivers around her due date, she will be out of work for all of May, June and July. On the downside, we will both kinda have other stuff to do, too;-)

My own plans are kind of up in the air. A lot of it depends on how much The Boy will be able to work from the beach. Given my druthers, I would spend the whole summer down there with the babies...but I have a feeling that he would miss his baby girls just a little bit if he only saw them on weekends;-). Plus, with doctor's appointments and whatnot, I will sort of have to be in Boston for some stuff. But hopefully he can arrange to work from there in stretches so we can be down there a lot. My babies are gonna be beach bums if I have anything to say about it:-)

Munchkin's brother, wife and baby are gonna do just what they did last year...spend the first two weeks of June here to kick off the summer. I offered to let him come out later in the summer when the weather is more likely to be good, but they actually wanted that time frame. As I have mentioned, he ends up using most of his vacation, and his wife has to take the time unpaid (she works part-time) so it is something of a financial strain for them.

But, he found a mechanic last year that needed some temporary help, and he picked up a couple of days work while he was there...that guy's real pinch is the first week or two of the summer as people return and find the cars that they left there all winter have issues. So, that worked out really well last summer and he is gonna do the same thing this year. Obviously it makes it a lot easier for them, and that is good.

Other possible things on the summer docket: Munchkin has a week at soccer camp, and is planning on either going (by herself!) to France again for another week, or going to South Africa with Smoking Hot Roommate for the World Cup, along with having Frenchie come here as well. Finally, she has it in her head to run the Falmouth Road Race (which the divine Ms. Jenny ran last year). I will assume that SHR is in charge of that as well;-).

And that, folks, makes for one busy summer...


Our Happy Married Life... said...

i just love that someone is talking about summer. SUMMER! I can't wait. It's been one helluva winter around these parts.

Exgf said...

I love summer too...sooo ready for it!

I dated boyed (mentioned a few times in the blog) from Boston originally that ran Falmouth every year! One of his best friends had a house at the finish line (I think...I never went)... I was always looking forward to coming east to run the race...but that didn't work out!

I'm so jealous of Munchkin :) She has traveled more in her short life than I have....and I LOVE TRAVELING!! Lucky little girl! Good thing she is so mature and well behaved!

We are ready for summer too in's been a Loooong winter for us and I'm ready for sundresses and flip flops!

Take care of yourself...and blame EVERYTHING on the pregnancy hormones! You only have 9 months to take advantage!