Monday, March 15, 2010

Even losing an hour isn't helping this go by faster

It is pouring rain outside, I am bored and confined to laying on the couch reading a selection of analyst reports, annual reports, research notes and other thrilling materials, and then translating them into PowerPoint slides for a presentation in two months. Also, it is only Monday morning and I have five more days of this shit to look forward to. Yay.

So yes, I am a little bored. So much so that I am thinking about going to school one day this week just to mix things up. And be bored there instead.

It actually wasn't a bad weekend...I had a lot of visitors. Munchkin got out safely on Saturday and is now basking in the Caribbean sun. I am not sure that the jealousy comes through in blog form;-). At least she calls me once a day to check in and allow me to live vicariously through her. The Boy did a ton of cleaning up and sorting of junk on Saturday, and I felt bad about not being able to help, but at least I was there for moral support. There were a whole bunch of boxes (well, Rubbermaid tubs) of clothes and stuff that needed to go into storage to make room for baby stuff.

He went out on Saturday night (to judge a barbecue contest, no less!), but a couple of friends came over to keep me company so I wasn't lonely. A couple other friends came over during the day on Sunday, too, and Smoking Hot Roommate came over for dinner as well. For a couple of reasons, she has been incredibly busy lately and I haven't seen her a whole lot it was really nice to have a couple hours to visit:-). Her "stuff" is wrapping up in the next two weeks, though, and then she will be back to being around all the time to take care of the two pregnant chicks:-)

And yes, she is a key part of Project Get Everyone To Move To The Beach For The Summer...

That gets us to today and my five day long grass-growing-viewing marathon. Wish me luck. And if you need me, I will be around...


Kari said...

I think for your spring break you should try and do at least one thing each day (for you) that you won't be able to do once your girls arrive. This should be none school may take some thinking but you are pretty creative. Hope this is a super productive but fast week!


Exgf said...

So Sorry you are so bored today.... sounds like pouring rain it's perfect condition for napping :)

PS - love the thought of the day quote... she is so precious!