Monday, March 29, 2010

Names. Final. Maybe.

OK, seeing as we have somewhere between 12 minutes and 18 days until the babies arrive, it seemed like a good time to settle on some names. Of course, these are always subject to change, and I have had a LOT of people tell me that they changed their minds about baby names when they finally saw the little nuggets. So, take them with the requisite grain of salt.

First things first, I love the idea of family names (with an obvious nod to pretend family names in my case). Maybe it is because of my own checkered family past, or maybe it is because of my sense of traditionalism...but for whatever reason, I love the idea of naming people after various family members. Smoking Hot Roommate has a name that is at least quasi-traceable to someone who was born in 1848...that, to me, is super cool.

With that in mind, we set about to come up with four names (two first and two middle) for our baby girls. Immediately, you will likely note that both The Boy and I have sisters with whom we share enormously tight bonds. As such, both Twin Sister and Munchkin were the first names that automatically came to mind (well...their actual names).

Smoking Hot Roommate is the other obvious candidate, and was my next name choice. The fourth name is actually her mother's maiden name, which is a super cool name and one I like very much, especially as a middle name. So, there were our four choices.

First problem, I don't want to give one of them Munchkin's first name. She will still likely live at home part-time until the babies are eight or nine years old...and it just gets too complicated having two people in the household with the same name. So, that has to be a middle name.

Next issue is that Big Sis is having a baby in a month, and should that baby be a girl, she would very likely want to use her sister's name, and possibly her mother's maiden name as well (we had all talked about this a bit before). Obviously, I would defer to her if she wanted to use them, and would pick others to clear up the confusion. Yesterday, I finally got her to confide to me that, should she have a girl, she will almost certainly name it after her sister, and that her mother's maiden name will be the baby's middle name regardless.

Therefore...with all of this taken into account and everything worked out to my satisfaction...we have settled on:

TwinSister Munchkin, and BigSis SmokingHotRoommate.



Kari said...

Love that you are thinking of naming the girls after someone -- in my family you are always named after someone.
I think that you should switch one of the girls names around -- the initials KLM (mine) are so much better than LKM! :)
Hope the next little while goes by quickly, but you get lots done and get lots of sleep!


HappyascanB said...

Naming your babies is such a BIG deal! We just kinda knew with ours, so we are having a Molly Miller (Miller's my maiden name). It already fits her!

As for the twins' names, eer initials, they're great! Make a beautiful monogram, which southern belles like me really care about!

SG said...

Aww I wish you could say the actual baby names, I love hearing what names people pick out. Love that you are using names that are meaningful to you.

Little Miss Chatter Box said...

HAHA I love how you wrote out their names! It seems like it was pretty easy for you to pick out names, I know for myself it will be a fight to the end. We have to us "b" first names cause both the fiance and I have 'b' names and we're naming our first boy after his decesed best friend who also had a 'b' name.

good luck with the delivery!

Accidentally Me said...

All - Will gladly respond with real names if you email me...

Lisa said...

my oh my oh my, the excitement! I've already contemplated if I had to bribe you with my grandmother's recipe for German Apfelstrudel, because I am just so curious about their names! Now I'll mail you, I'm so excited :D

Great initials by the way!

I'm glad that you've had it relatively easy chosing the names, guess it can get tedious for some parents

Windy City Kelley's said...

Picking names is so hard! It's even worse since we don't know the sex of our baby so we have to choose a boy and girl name.

I'll have to email you about the actual names to see what they are!

Lori S-C said...

so, i really like the initials and the sentiment behind the names. What a wonderful thing to do to pay tribute to those loved in your life....

Lisa said...

people: AM chose really awesome names. I'm so happy for the little twinsies :D