Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dead Celebrities

Super busy morning, so I am just getting to my blog reading and writing at lunchtime. Surprisingly little commentary on Heath Ledger, to be honest...I would have thought that more people covered it. Brandy did, but that is about all that I have seen.

I can't say I was a huge fan...I mean, he was definitely really hot, but I never totally loved him. And I thought that Brokeback Mountain was a load of pretentious, pandering garbage. But still, he was so young, and he never really seemed to be someone who sought trouble like maybe some other people do. He was not really a regular in People, OK or US Weekly.

Anyway, I could go into a whole long rant about how these things are only stories when it happens to celebrities, and the news media ignores the fact that this happens to loads of people with less privileged lifestyles every day. But, I am not sure that I have the time and the energy, so I will skip it. I have no new ground to break anyway.

In happier news, we are leaving for Florida early Friday morning, and I am very excited about that:-) Munchkin is missing the day of school, but doesn't have anything super important that day. One of her friends is gonna come with us, too, which will be nice for both of them. There is no huge weekend agenda, we are just gonna hang on the beach for a couple of days and enjoy the warmth and the sun. The weather forecast is pretty nice (mid 70's, mostly sunny) and I am looking forward to thawing out a bit!

I guess that is all I have for you today...kinda boring, sorry about that!


Ally said...

The beach sounds like a perfect way to spend next weekend. I could use some bikini time too. Have fun!

brandy said...

Hey lady! Have a great weekend. I'm thinking some beach time would be lovely right about now! Also, Chelsea put up a great post about Heath. She met him at a video shoot and her post is a pretty touching read.

Have a great trip!

anne said...

The weather here is perfect right now. I went outside at lunch time just to simply go outside at lunch time.

Ys said...

The news about Heath Ledger upset me a bit. I always liked him - he had such lovely floppy blonde hair. "A Knight's Tale" is one of my all-time favourites actually :)

I noticed how no one had blogged about it, too. I guess maybe cos he was the kind of actor everyone "liked" but he wasn't one of those huge celeb ones like Brad Pitt or someone? Or maybe it's just cos he's Australian and not American. I'd have blogged had I have been online at the time.