Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wedding Blahs

Happy Thursday everyone, and since it is kind of my last day this week, it is indeed very happy:-)

Well, except for Kevin getting kicked off of Runway last night. I guess I understand why they did it...the dress was pretty bad, but I still feel like they should have tossed Ricky. Seriously, he has made very little decent clothing this whole season, consistently turns in things that are incomplete, poorly made and in poor taste. I mean have a girl that is kind of chunky and you put her into some shapeless potato-sack looking thing? He made that poor girl look AWFUL.

I still love Rami, and I think I liked his dress better than the judges did last night. It seems that even our previously sceptical poetic lawyer/photographer friend from Tampa has come around:-P.

Munchkin is incredibly excited for her brother's wedding, and I feel sort of bad that I don't share her excitement. I should...anything that is that important to her should be pretty much as important to me. And while my opinion of him is kind of 50/50, I do like his wife a lot, and I like him a lot better with her. So, mental note to at least pretend to care. If Munchkin wants to talk about it for an hour tonight, then so be it. I need to get over my "shared last name jealousy" issues (yes, I have always been jealous that he gets to have the same last name as her...there, I said it).

So that's about it. I may actually check in tomorrow since I am going to be at my computer all day. I think I will have 3-4 hours of stuff that I really have to do, but I think that will be about it for the day. Munchkin is gonna be running around helping out all day, and I am just planning on sitting in the hotel room (or some other place in the hotel) to get my shit done. No real plans beyond that.

So, if I don't check in tomorrow, I hope everyone has a great weekend:-) Chicken fingers tonight for the first time in a while...can't wait!


Lpeg said...

I hope you have a blast this weekend and that you both have a great time at the wedding!! Enjoy it! :)

anne said...

Okay so really I HATE when Bravo does that - they keep the "character" and arbitrarily eliminate the guy who actually has a chance of winning because of one mis-step. I mean Kevin has won stuff in the past and Rickie, well he has cried in the past.

ella said...

CRAP! You should've posted a warning before you blogged about Project Runway! I haven't watched it yet.

Still just me said...

I understand, on a different level, about the last name thing. I wish Logan had the same last name as mine and The Beloved Old Man. She tried to change it herself with a hyphen to incorporate both her name and mine, but her father threw a fit.

we're all a little weird said...

my sister got me hooked on reading your blog..and ive enjoyed catching a glimpse into your life every day:) have a great time this weekend!