Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy, we hardly knew ya!

Interesting doings from the Florida primary, even if the results were not a huge shock. I guess it is no huge surprise that Giuliani dropped out...losing New York, Connecticut and New Jersey next week would have been brutally embarrassing. This at least spares him that. Although, I can't imagine anyone could look at his campaign strategy and think it was anything more than "horrible".

I am surprised that Edwards is dropping out. As long as Clinton and Obama remained basically tied, he was in a pretty strong position as the holder of what could be the tie-breaking delegates. He must have just run out of money to the point that he couldn't go on anymore (even then, he probably could have drummed up some bogus lawsuit against someone to generate some more personal wealth...zing!!!).

It looks like the nominations are Clinton's and McCain's to lose, and that is an idea that is...well...not terribly exciting. He is old and crazy, and she is an opportunistic follower. I feel like he has more conviction than she does, but he is also maybe a little too abrasive to effectively govern. I of now, I am not really that excited by either. Obama is more interesting, but let's not forget that his resume is basically empty...great speaker and great vision, but I am not sure he has a lot of history to point to.

Next Tuesday is the big day, and I still don't know who I am going to vote for. I don't even know which party's primary I am going to vote in. I could conceivably vote for McCain, Romney or Obama, I think...I have issues with all of them, but I like some parts of them all as well. I may go into that next Tuesday if I have time.

Oh, and can we all applaud the great foresight of the Mayor in scheduling the Patriots parade for election day? First of all, I feel like we should wait until they win before scheduling a parade...and second, maybe not the best day to use all of the Police resources to marshall a fucking parade when they have polling stations to cover? I dunno...priorities, people! Just seems kind of silly to lock up traffic throughout the city like that on a day when people are trying to get somewhere to vote.

I am not avoiding the wedding questions I raised earlier this week...I am still mulling some things, and have some phone calls to make. But I promise, once it is ironed out, I will let you all know.


AaroN said...


It would seem I'll be voting Libertarian again this year.

DG said...

1st time reader... I was also surprised and actually sad to see that Edwards dropped out. There was definitely something about him that I liked- something that both the other Democratic candidates lacked? Either way, it should be interesting to see what transpires.

brandy said...

I too was a bit shocked that Edwards dropped out. I liked having him in the debates- he seemed like the calming voice between Hillary and Obama when they started to really go at each other. I won't miss how his speeches turned into downers but he was one of the few candidates (in either party) who I felt sincerely believed in what he was saying.

Anonymous said...

i swear, if i didn't have you to recap this shit, i'd know nothing of what's going on.

tho i did hear about edwards dropping out which sucks. i woulda voted for him.