Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Scrambled Thoughts

Anyone else notice the brilliant song choice in the new Cadillac commercials? I can't say it makes me want to buy one, but it sure makes me think that they go really fast. A little digging reveals that the song is "Stars" by Hum, and I am willing to be $.25 that it is on Aaron's iPod. Am I right? I slightly remember this song from my childhood, but couldn't remember the band or much of the details.

This weather is crazy! Last week it was like 6, this week is like 60. Munchkin and I went for a pretty long walk last night and then picked up dinner to bring to The Boy's place. I would say that we were outside comfortably for like an hour and a half with no hats, scarves or mittens. How great is that?

We took a moderately different route through the Public Garden last night on the way home, which reminded me...is there anything in Boston cooler than the duckling statue (of that there is an almost identical one in Moscow)? I never heard of the book growing up, but it is as good a children's book as there is. If you need a gift for little kids, it is a wonderful book...especially if they have been to or will be in Boston and can visit:-) And seriously, what is cuter than ducklings?

I can't believe no one yelled at me for being non-committal on going to a wedding in four days! That is pretty rude of me:-P

Big doings in New Hampshire today, which is all over the news today. The Boston TV stations all broadcast through New Hampshire, so there are basically nothing but political ads these days. My gut says that Clinton and Romney are both gonna be in serious trouble if they lose today by as much as it looks like they are gonna lose by. Of course, if they manage to win, they become the immediate front runners. Should be interesting, and the really warm weather bodes well for Obama, Paul and maybe even McCain...keep that in mind.

Meeting today at 11:00 to get my bonus...wish me luck:-) They are kind of going in order of reverse seniority, so I am the first person on the schedule. That makes me the guinea pig, and I am sure I will badgered when I am finished by people looking to gage where the numbers are coming in. A couple of the guys in the office have already put lunch on my schedule, which I have a feeling may be related to the fact that I will be coming out of that meeting. Whatever...free lunch! I am not counting my chickens before they hatch (chickens? duckling? lots of poultry today) but I am guessing that it will be something like 20% of my base salary or so...a pretty nice check. Wish me luck:-)

[Update: Aaron reveals that the song in question is NOT on his iPod, so I owe someone a quarter. I will drop it in the March of Dimes box at Dunkin Donuts.]


Ally said...

Yeah for bonuses! Hope it's a good one.

And I agree about the adorable "ducklings." I'm not sure I've ever used that word before....

ella said...

After watching the NH debates on Saturday, I'm kind of leaning towards Edwards. How rad would an Obama/Edwards ticket be?

brandy said...

I think Clinton will be in SERIOUS trouble if she doesn't win by a ton in NH (which, I don't think is going to happen). I find that the Republican race is a lot more up in the air (what do you think of Guiliani's strategy of banking on later/bigger states?) so I'm not as concerned. But Hillary? I'm thinking she's sort of screwed in NH. And as much as I love Bill, I don't think him coming out negative is going to change things.

Fingers crossed on the bonus!

OC said...

Hope the bonus was a good one! And really, nothing beats a free lunch :)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

After seeing the NH results I am a bit surprised - but that's what it's all about - good luck with your bonus! you deserve a big check!

AaroN said...

Wow, that was close. I deleted the song just before answering. Couldn't get caught in a lie!