Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hatchet Burying

Munchkin and I got home safely this afternoon, no troubles with travel and The Boy was on-time to get us at the airport (he often has punctuality issues:-P). She was off-the-wall excited all weekend...which was kind of super cute (not at 5:30 Friday morning when she woke up, but the rest of the time).

I also got in a visit with Tinkerbelle, which I wasn't sure I would:-) She and her Mom were away Saturday and Sunday, but they came in to the hotel after school on Friday to hang out for a bit. We just walked around a bit, got a snack and chatted, so nothing special...but wonderful to see her.

I have to admit that the wedding was actually pretty fun. Other than sneaking out a little bit early to meet the BFFs and two other friends, I stayed for the whole thing and had a really good time. The bride's family (that would be Munchkin's sister-in-law...that sounds weird) is really nice and they are all exactly like her...very sweet and kinda timid and shy. I ended up talking with her Mother and Father for a long time during the rehearsal dinner on Friday, which was actually sort of interesting.

Munchkin has some cousins that I haven't seen in a long time that used to be really annoying teenagers but are now actually kinda cool. So that was nice, too...hopefully now that they are older, they can come out to visit her sometimes. She would love that.

I came up with a brilliant wedding present...I sent Munchkin and the bride for massages, facials and lunch right before they got their hair done (at the same place, which was convenient). Why brilliant, you ask? Because it allowed me to give a present that was of absolutely no value or interest to the groom:-D Yes, I understand that it was petty of me to think that way. Whatever...he sued me, so I don't feel bad about not giving him anything. [It just dawned on me that I have never once, that I recall, referred to him as "my stepbrother", which he is.]

Munchkin was of the friends that came in to meet me with the BFFs hadn't seen her since we moved, and actually cried when she saw her. Her hair was up, she had makeupon, black dress, a necklace that Smoking Hot Roommate lent her...she really looked stunning. She did a fine job as Maid of Honor, too...even gave a brief toast:-) The bride's brother gave most of the toast (he was the best man) but Munchkin said a few words and I was really proud of her:-)

Interesting note...Munchkin's Brother is not on speaking terms with his Mother. This is somewhat recent (within two years) and I hadn't heard this previously. I also don't know why...anyway, she wasn't there. I don't know if she was invited.

So let's see...what's next...? Tuesday is Smoking Hot Roommate's birthday:-) I wrote her a sappy tribute last year, and I just may do it again:-P No rules limiting the number of odes I can write, are there? I think SHR and I and the boys (and anyone else that wants to are gonna go away for a long weekend in a couple weeks...someplace warm! Just for 4-5 days or so to get some warm air and sun.

Snow is coming tomorrow, and Munchkin has no school. I may stay home if the snow is really bad, otherwise I am gonna leave her home alone. I have never done that for an entire day, but I think she is old enough. If she burns the place down, I will rescind that.

And then I have three dates with The Boy this week:-) Wednesday with his college friends, Thursday with some people from his work (after chicken fingers, of course) and Friday just the two of us at my favorite restaurant:-)

So...I guess it qualifies as a socially busy week:-)


OC said...

I'll go somewhere warm with you guys! :) JK... Enjoy the snow - it's pretty bad down here in CT but I'm off to work anyway. Ugh. Maybe I'll talk to you later...

AaroN said...

It sounds like the only hatchet burying that was going to occur there was in somebody's flesh!

Accidentally Me said...

OC - Not too bad snowed a lot this morning, but has stopped and is kinda pretty:-)

Aaron - I think there are only 2-3 of them that I would still attack with a hatchet if given the chance. The rest are ok.

EAJ said...

Have you decided where you're going for your warm weather vacation?