Monday, January 07, 2008

Settling In

OK, I am over my little mid-life crisis from the other day. It was strange to wake up yesterday and today and not have Smoking Hot Roommate around, but I think I am over the most emotional part of it. Munchkin come back helped a lot:-)

Speaking of which...she got older while she was I don't know if it is the tan or if she actually got bigger while she was gone, but she looks like two years older than when I sent her off. She is really growing up fast...

It was good to have her home, though, and she was pretty excited to move back into this condo. The Boy was over and we did some unpacking all afternoon (I unpacked, he and Munchkin did more watching football than they did unpacking), and the SHR and The Rocket Scientist came over for dinner (she brought a housewarming gift...have you ever heard of a girl bringing a gift to someone who is moving into a condo that she owns? This could be a first.)

I guess I am a little excited to do some decorating. The furniture and linens and drapes and shit are all already there, but I think I will get some new pictures and such. That could be fun...I am not really sure what look I am going for, but I am sure I will figure it out. Or just have an ugly

Two large events for later this week. The first is bonus time:-) We get bonuses in early January, and it looks like they are gonna be handed out this week. I know a lot of Wall Street-type places cut back on bonuses last year, and it is not a great time to be in the business of borrowing money (which we sort of are), but last year was still a pretty good year, so hopefully I will get a good bonus! The house fund is growing pretty good:-)

And then we are leaving for Chicago early on Friday morning. Munchkin is gonna spend Friday helping with last minute wedding prep stuff, and I will probably try and get some work done to justify not taking the day off. I sucked it up and decided to stay in the hotel where the wedding is rather than at someone's house. Mostly I figured it would be easier and would require less shuttling of Munchkin around. It's gonna cost me like $350, but I think Munchkin will enjoy it more and it will be easier.

I haven't decided exactly how much of the wedding I am going to, if any. I would love to see Munchkin all dressed up (and I like the bride a lot) but her brother and I still have kind of a strained relationship, and I have even less than that with a lot of the family members. [As a reminder, this is Munchkin's father's family, so I am not related to any of them and have openly feuded with some.]

At this point, I am thinking that I will go to the ceremony and then cocktails and kind of take it from there. I might skip out if I can convince the BFF's to come in and meet me at the bar and come back and get Munchkin later. I guess I will have to see how it goes...I may be sort of persona-non-grata, or maybe not.

Anyway, not much else this week...just getting settled into the new place. And enjoying the warm weather!


brookem said...

Glad to hear you're getting all settled and stuff! That must be a good feeling. How psyched are you about the WARM weather coming up this week?!

Still just me said...

Be careful! When I moved, I decided that I needed new plates, new drapes, new everything. I think I went a little overbudget, but it looks really nice now.

Whine Girl said...

Good to see you're all settled in now... buying new stuff for the old place sounds like fun. Where in Chicago do you go? downtown or a burb? I almost moved to Hinsdale once...

Accidentally Me said...

Brookem - LOVE IT! Went for a long walk to get dinner tonight in celebration of the warmth!

SJM - I don't need anything, so I think I will do ok with the budget...but you never know!

Whine Girl - Hinsdale is really nice, I think...I didn't really spend much time in places like that growing up:-P

It depends on where I stay. My father's family lives kind of out that way, so when I see them it is in that direction. My Mother's family lives South Side, as does Munchkin's Dad's. That is where I grew up.

This weekend we are gonna be downtown, though:-)