Monday, December 08, 2008


I am using yesterday's post as an excuse to not write much today. The Boy got home safely, tired from a weekend of manly physical labor (and possibly getting drunk with his father and his brother). Sexy:-)

I think Munchkin has made up with most of her friends, and has a permanently diminished view of some others. I am not sure that I really have all of the details, partly because she spilled a huge amount of it on Big Sis last week, and partly because she just may not feel the need to share everything. I do appreciate that, even when she gets mad at people, she never "trashes" people just for the sake of it.

Let's see...I have a couple of Christmas Parties this work, and school parents. The Boy's work is next week, so I have all of those to look forward to.

Also, it is 13 degrees outside. It will be 60 on Wednesday. Can someone explain this to me?


laurwilk said...

Wait, is it really going to get warmer? I am not enjoying this cold! I thought I was going to freeze on the walk to work.

Winter is so different when you have to really WALK in it every day. It's much, much colder!

Nilsa said...

Two doses of Accidentally Me in one sitting? Awesome! Sounds like you had a grand ole weekend. Also awesome. And I love how OK you are with not needing to know everything about Munchkin. I'm guessing she realizes that, too. And it makes for better sisterly relations in the long-run. At least that's what I think.

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Oh. The temperature fluctuations are God's way of ensuring a successful influenza season.


Smilf said...

I hear you on the weather - it's almost 60 today and supposed to be, oh, like 20 tomorrow here. And it was 13 two days ago. What is that all about?!

jamie said...

Seriously? 60? That almost makes me want to cry. It's so cold here.