Monday, December 01, 2008

Two blogs in one day? You should hear what I did three times at lunch!!!

Sorry about my super-negative post this morning...I was a seriously grumpy bear. But, I convinced The Boy to meet me at home for "lunch", and that put me in a much better mood:-). And then Munchkin made me laugh a lot on the way home from school, and that got me into an even better mood.

Also, I forgot to mention that it is Papa Bear's birthday today! How could I forget to mention that? At least I remembered to wish him a Happy Birthday, and I bought him a card, too. Not quite to the big six-oh yet, so he still fancies himself as young;-). Usually we would take him to dinner, but his (real) girls had some stuff they needed to talk to him about, so the three of them had a "No Boys and No Pretend Siblings" dinner together:-). Actually kinda cute...there is not a present you could buy him that he would like as much as the chance to spend time with his girls.

Also, news of Ally's four hour marathon make-out session brightened my day, know, since I was telling her to go ahead and kiss him like a day after she met him:-D. Not that I am getting ahead of myself, but I will wager $20 to anyone that wants the action that she is engaged before I am married! Which, by the way, is seven months and 24 days from, I have never actually written that down...

Anyway, I am going to be out of the office tomorrow, and maybe for much of the rest of the week, and I don't know how much Internet access I will have, so I am pre-emptively blogging. I was supposed to have my annual review tomorrow (should I count on a raise? hmm...not sure...not the best year ever...) but that looks like it will have to wait until at least Wednesday. Wish me luck!

And, I have officially quit Gossip Girl. I mostly quit a while ago, but I have watched a couple of times in the last few weeks and it is...AWFUL!!! Like, I can't even describe how stupid it has gotten. Nutshell? Chuck and Blair seem to have hired look-a-likes to make out with each other as a form of flirting. Huh? Say what?

Can anyone give me a reason not to give up on it?


Jessie said...

Are you getting married July 25th? Your anniversary will be a day before mine!

Also, hearing (reading? seeing?) you talk about your annual review made me laugh a little because I realized that I've been reading your blog since before your LAST annual review.

Time flies.

Ys said...

I've never watched Gossip Girl so I can't help, I'm afraid :/

And, hey, we all like being negative and grumpy sometimes - embrace the inner whiner within ;) I'm glad your day got better though :)

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

You snuck home for a nooner? Whore!

Nilsa said...

I wish I worked close enough to home to get some with mine at lunch. Damn, girl! I've only seen one one episode of Gossip Girl (and that was on honeymoon) ... so, I'm sorry to say, I'm not going to give you much reason to stick with it ... since I don't really watch it myself.

laurwilk said...

I need a lunch break today! Seriously. Thanksgiving break and then he was super sick last night and now I neeeed some.

What is your new show going to be now that Gossip Girl is done?

Ally said...

I knew my make-out news would make you happy:) I almost emailed you after he left! Ha.

Rachel H. said...

I hope you won't be gone all week! I'll be SO sad! :( Have fun the rest of the week, and I'll be looking forward to you coming back!