Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wrapping up 2009

Please don't talk too loud today, I have a little bit of a headache:-) Nothing I won't be able to rally from before tonight, but I think we may have taken "practice New Year's" a little too seriously...hee hee. It was super fun, though, and since there will be a lot more people around tonight, it was nice to be able to hang with just The Body, The Mouth and Smoking Hot Roommate last night. We were actually sort of anti-social for much of the night...we kinda sat by ourselves in a corner for a lot of it.

Tinkerbelle got home safely, and I cried a little bit when she left:-). I am glad that I got to see her more this year...and really glad that I got to spend some lengthy stretches with her. Now that she can travel on her own, it makes it that much easier to see her more often, too, so I have that to look forward to.

I was reminded by email yesterday (from two new readers...welcome to Katie in Atlanta and Becky in Charlotte:-)) that many of you are not totally up on the back story of all of the people that I refer to all of the time. Now that I have written over 600 posts, it is not really realistic to expect most of you to have read all of them. Which means that I periodically need to remind readers who everyone is:-). Tinkerbelle, for example, is my other little sister...the one that lives in Chicago with her mother and that I just met two years ago. All summarized nicely here, and in the posts in the couple of days after that.

(Incidentally...I look at the comments to that post, and see that Ally, Ella, e.b. Still Just Me and SoCal Sweetie have all been with me since then, although we have had a couple of blogger-name changes:-) Still pretty neat!)

At the end of the summer, she came to stay with me while her Mother had back surgery. Originally it was going to be about a week, but the recovery was complicated and she ended up staying for over two weeks. Ironically, if we had known it would be that long, she probably wouldn't have come...I think she would have stayed with family closer by. But, once she was here and comfortable, it didn't make sense to send her home. So, we had a great visit that will probably go down as the highlight of the year for me. Would I be totally nuts to offer to have her for the whole summer? Yea, probably... maybe next year.

OK, I am off track....

On a total other note, I am reconsidering graduate school. I am still going through with all of the applications and other stuff, which I have largely done, but I am not totally convinced that I want to go through with it. I dunno...more on this later on.

I guess that is just about gonna do it for this year. 232 posts, lots of memories, 1 special new piece of jewelry:-)

Happy New Year, everyone!


dawn said...

Happy New Year! Here's to a fabulous 2009! * clink clink of the glasses, but not too loud *

Ally said...

Glad to still "be with you" AM :)

And congrats on what has been a very good year for you! I hope 2009 will be even better.

Lpeg said...

2008 has been a good year for you :)

Here's to 2009 being even better!

Happy New Year!

Little Miss Obsessive said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like 2008 was good to you. =)

A. said...

Happy New Year to you & yours!
I bet 2009 will be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Happy New year ...Love your blog !!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you!!!!
Hope for more great posts and thoughts from you to come.

Ys said...

I'm glad everything went so well :)

Happy New Year!!

laurwilk said...

Happy New Year, love! I want to talk to you about grad school. Come to work, dangit! :)

ella said...

I can't believe we've been following each others lives for this long!

Happy New Years!

A said...

Happy New Year!