Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here comes the snow

I can't believe that no one is going to offer a defense of Twilight! How did they sell six trillion books if no one really likes it that much? The best I got was "Yea, you are right...but I like the story anyway". Me thinks that maybe the fans are biting their can yell at me, I can take it!

I still have very little idea what to get anyone for Christmas. I did find something for Munchkin, although it is really more for me. Remember when I told you that I make her call me while she is walking alone so that I can talk to her the whole time? Well, I got a comment on that post that makes a lot of sense...that having her on the phone is not a good idea because it just makes it obvious that she isn't paying attention to her surroundings.

So, I figured that a really tiny wireless headset would maybe do the trick. That way I could talk to her, but she wouldn't have to fumble with the phone and it wouldn't be as obvious that she was on the phone. I guess she would still be distracted, but I am worried about that less than the appearance of being distracted. As a reminder, when she walks home from school, it is in a well populated area that is very safe...and I have instructed her to stay near lots of people and scream her little head off if anyone tries anything:-)

Beyond that, though, I am hoping to find things for people tomorrow. I don't know how realistic that really is, but I am crossing my fingers. I have the whole day to myself, so hopefully I can get a lot done.

Now, as for the trip to Chicago...that could be an issue. It is supposed to start snowing at noon and then keep snowing all afternoon and evening. That does not bode well for flying out at 6:00. Which means that I have several options:
1) Hope it is OK
2) Skip my shopping, keep Munchkin out of school and try to leave in the morning. The Boy would likely not be able to skip work tomorrow, so it would just be the two of us.
3) Try to leave early Saturday morning, hoping the storm has passed
4) Cancel the trip entirely

Not sure where I am leaning right now...any suggestions?


jamie said...

Try to take to get to Chicago! Don't skip it completely! :)

dawn said...

It's supposed to be HEAVY snow on Friday afternoon (3pm to 6pm), at least here in CT (which probably means for you too), so leaving early or on Saturday might be a good idea.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a terrific weekend.

And good luck with tomorrow's shopping. It's shopping times like these that I'm thankful to be Jewish. :) Except that Hanukkah starts on Dec 21 this year, so... yeah. I hate shopping.

laurwilk said...

I'm with Jaim. Go to Chi.


Lpeg said...

Saturday is supposed to be ok, then snow again on Sunday - or so they say... maybe wait till Sat. morning?

ella said...

I'd head out ASAP.

The Atlantic had a really interesting story about the phenomenon of "Twilight" ( I haven't seen the movie or read any of the books, but may be tempted to pick it up over the holidays.

As for the weather - it's about 40 degrees here in Santa Monica! I had to pull out my gloves and scarves. I am not liking this AT ALL.

Nilsa said...

Be patient. That's my best advice. From the Chicago end, snow is supposed to start here just after the evening rush, but it's going to be AWFUL here tomorrow. The snow isn't supposed to stop until at least midday tomorrow. We're expecting 6-10 inches on top of the 3-5 we already have. They're predicting "next to impossible" travel tomorrow. Good luck and be safe.

OC said...

I vote for Saturday morning... even if the snow isn't here yet by tomorrow morning, it's coming and it's coming from Chicago, so you may not be able to fly through it.

And Twilight? I have no opinion. Never read it, saw the movie, have any interest at all...

Ys said...

I hope you manage to make it to Chicago. I'd just wait and see what the people-in-the-know suggest.

As for Munchkin looking distracted on the phone... Hmm, seems like a weird one to me. I'd feel safer with people knowing she was on the phone so that they know someone on the other end would get the police called in two seconds flat. But maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way? That's what me and my family do anyway. When any of us are a little frightened we get on the phone and get someone to talk us home.

Rachel H. said...

What did you decide about getting out of town and heading for Chicago? Hope you were able to figure something out. Let us know! :)

dawn said...

I'm in agreement with Ys on the phone thing.