Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Fun

Happy Friday, everyone! This whole five day week thing is totally BS, right? I like the short ones much better:-)

So, Munchkin had another not-great day at school yesterday. Nothing totally catastrophic, but I think she feels kinda disappointed and let down by some of her friends. Honestly, it is all just stuff that falls into the category of "They are all 13 years old", and it will pass. Again, though...she is emotionally and psychologically a lot older than most of her friends, and it shows up on occasion. Ahh, well, chicken fingers seemed to solve everything. She was a little up in the air as to whether or not she would go to the dance tonight...we'll see.

Christmasy weekend coming up! We are getting a tree efforts to bribe The Boy into getting the tree have thus far proved futile (and I made a pretty compelling offer!)...he has been a little sick, :-(. So we are gonna go after work and get the tree, and then get it up tonight. He is actually leaving for the weekend to go with his father and brother up to work on his brother's lake house. Which means that me and Munchkin will decorate it tomorrow:-) It will be fun...we can drink cocoa, listen to Christmas music and giggle a lot:-).

I have a date with Smoking Hot Roommate tomorrow night, which will be super fun. Munchkin is sleeping over at a friend's (maybe), so we are hanging old times! We are probably gonna meet up with some friends, too, which will be fun. It is, unfortunately, gonna be ASS cold...but I guess I will have to deal.

So, I guess that is about it...not much else going on. Still out of the office, hoping to be done with all of this today so that I can avoid having to come back here next week at all. Which means, I guess, that I need to get back to work!


Rachel H. said...

Hope you have a good Christmas weekend. Sounds fun!

Nilsa said...

Sounds like a lovely girls' weekend! All that's missing with Munchkin is a little hot cider. I'd offer you some that's being made for my birthday party ... but, uhhh, I'm not sure we can remove the alcohol for Munchkin. =)