Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yay for Big Sis!

Kind of a quick post, since I am sort of busy here today. And the whole point is gonna be to tell you how super awesome I think my pretend Big Sister is:-) may have noticed that she left me a comment offering to go and get Munchkin at school if I couldn't. She was actually a little more proactive than that. Since she is on the list of people at the school that can pick Munchkin up, she just texted her and told her that she would meet her at 5:00 yesterday.

Well, Munchkin did not have a real good day at school. Remember yesterday when I mentioned that she had a "date" and that it was with a boy who may have wanted to be more than she wanted to be? Turns out that I was right about that, and that there were some problems at school as a result. And Munchkin was really upset and felt like some people were sort of ganging up on her and piling on a bit.

So, that is what Big Sis ended up signing up for by offering to meet her at school. But being the super awesome pretend Big Sister that she is, she was more than willing to help. Rather than take her home, they went out for some girl-talking over dinner, and actually sat and chatted for quite a while. School ended at 5:00, and they didn't get home until about 7:00, so there was quite a bit of talking. Munchkin ended up feeling much better (so much so that I never even got the whole story, which is fine with me:-)).

I don't think I need to really tell you how nice it makes me feel to know that there are so many people who care so much about her and are willing to do shit like this. She doesn't have the same sort of family that most kids do, but it makes my heart feel warm to know that she does have the kind of support than any kid needs.

So, super giant mega shout out to Big Sis today for just being a totally super awesome big sister. She's the best:-)


Big Sis said...

Oh, I am happy to do it. We had so much fun! I could sit and talk to her for hours. She is such a smart, funny, interesting kid, and I will always be willing to listen to her boy problems.

jamie said...

This is a sweet story! Good for you for including such great people in Munchkin's life! :)

Rachel H. said...

Awh! That is great that she has people in her life that will do these things for you and her. I know it's nice!!

Ys said...

That's so lovely :)