Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Raises and Visits and Dates and stuff

So, turns out that I have Internet access when I am at this client company, so I am not nearly as abandoned from the reservation as I was worried about. Which is good...I am gonna be here for a while! Actually, it is kind of nice to get out of the office and dive into some operational stuff (of which I know nothing!) for a change. I am sure I will be singing a different tune after I spend three straight weeks here, but for now it is OK.

It also means that I am probably going to have to let Munchkin walk herself home from school, since it will be hard for me to consistently get there to meet her everyday at 5:00. I guess someone may be available to meet her on the days that I can't get there, but I don't want Smoking Hot Roommate or Big Sis or The Boy to feel like they are obligated to change their schedules that much. It is a short walk, and I can talk to her the whole way home via phone:-). A couple of times she has had to go home during the day, and that is what I have done...talked to her the whole way until she was in the apartment.

So, I haven't had my formal review, but I did get my raise letter yesterday, and was definitely pleased. I got very large raises in each of the last two years (like 10 grand each year), and since this year was not great for the firm, I figured it would be a small raise or none at all. But it was about 5% of my salary, which I was really pleased with...that was more than I was expecting. So, yay for me! I think that maybe since bonuses were kinda thin all year, that they didn't want to be too stingy on salary adjustments...not real sure.

Munchkin has a date on Friday. Kind of...they have another dance at school, and two of her friends have a triple date with three boys to have pizza before the dance. Kinda cute, I think:-). Her "date" is a boy in her class that is super cute, but is really just a friend of hers. I don't think she wants to be any more than that, and he may...but I am sure she will handle that as deftly as she always does.

The Body is coming to visit for New Year's, which I am super excited about. The Mouth is like 90% sure that she is coming, too, pending some work commitments. Obviously, I am really fired up about this! I haven't seen them since July and we have some trouble making to catch up on! It looks like Munchkin will be out of town (another globe trotting vacation adventure...ho hum), so I will be off the leash to tear some shit up! Hide the women and children, we are getting the band back together!!!

I guess that's it for today...back to work!


Rachel H. said...

Congrats on the raise! I'm keeping my fingers crossed when my turn comes around. I'm assuming that it won't be 'til early January, but one can only hope, right!! I don't think I'll be getting much of one. Anyways, hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the raise. I find myself complaining less and less about my job. These days, I am just lucky to have a good job.

Just curious, does Munchkin read your blog?

Accidentally Me said...

Anon - She most definitely does NOT! She knows I have one, but doesn't have the address. I still write a little too "adult" for her sometimes!

Nilsa said...

I love this post! I learned so much about you through your snippets! Congrats on the raise. And watch out Boston, you've got Munchkins on dates and adults looking for trouble! Can't wait to hear more updates! =)

Big Sis said...

Oh don't be stupid! I'll get her any day that I am around, and I can't beleive you even worried about asking! I also volunteer The Brain Surgeon, he'll be happy to go and meet her, too!

laurwilk said...

I love that you guys chat as she walks home. I prefer to do that when I'm walking home alone too. Where is Munchkin going this time?

When is it my turn to get a 5% raise? Huh? Huh?

That is very nice of Big Sis...and The Brain Surgeon!

Harriet said...

I don't rememer if I've de-lurked yet, but if I haven't, here I am!

Congratulations on your raise.

What prompted me to comment was that you talk to Munchkin the whole way home.
As a public safety consultant, I thought I'd let you know that is actually counter-productive. I know it feels better knowing she is okay, but unless you could get there within 1-2 minutes if she needed help, what it really does is shows any potential predators that she isn't entirely aware of her surroundings, therefore making her more of a target than if she were not on the phone. The same goes for ipods.

I'd probably say you should take Big Sis and the Brain Surgeon up on that offer if you are uncomfortable having her on her own, because having her on the phone really puts her at greater risk. I sound like such a negative nancy. I guess that is the problem with my job... among other things...

Ys said...

Congratulations on the raise! Those are some great numbers ;)

I haven't even thought about what to do for New Years yet... Your plans sound like fun.