Friday, December 26, 2008

Kiddie Swap

Did I forget to mention that I am not working today? Yea...five day weekend for me:-) And pretty much another one next weekend, too:-) Yay for time off! Also, super yay for a totally awesome Christmas all around.

We went to Big Sis' house for Christmas Eve dinner and exchanged some presents. Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis traditionally give each other their presents from each other, and give their presents to their Dad on Christmas Eve. Since we joined the party, Munchkin and I are included in that now. Although Munchkin gets most of her stuff from SHR and Big Sis on Christmas Day, since they tend to buy her a LOT:-P

So that was fun...a pretty big crowd, since much of their mother's family was over for dinner. Big Sis is a natural hostess, and her house is really great for that...big enough to fit a table for 25 in her living room:-). We went to Smoking Hot Roommate's for breakfast on Christmas Day, and for Munchkin to do the bulk of her present opening. She totally cleaned up...a new computer, Wii games, clothes, clothes and more clothes, some books, jewelry, a couple bathing suits for her trip and some other stuff. Yes, she is spoiled rotten...

After breakfast we headed out to The Boy's parents house for some more family, some more food and some more present giving and getting:-). All in all, a wonderful way to spend the holiday.

But it gets better! Why is that? Because Tinkerbelle is here!!! She had some travel troubles, since there was a lot of ice in Chicago this morning and her flight was delayed. That and all the excitement and nerves of her first trip by herself meant that she was really tired when she got here. So, after getting settled in, she took a nap, and is now snoozing comfortably:-). Hopefully she is awake in time to go out to dinner.

As a side note...I would like you married people to think of the annoying or semi-painful things that you have to do with your in-laws...I think you will agree with me that The Boy is super awesome for hanging out with my two little sisters on a Friday night:-). I need to remember to tell him how cool he is more often:-D.

Anyway...I only have the two of them at once for one night, because Munchkin leaves early tomorrow morning for her trip. I think she is actually a little bit bummed that she is going to miss The Body and The Mouth later in the week, and I am sure that they will be upset to miss her, too. On the plus side...they get to meet Tinkerbelle:-)

That is kind of it, I guess. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that none of you are working too hard today:-) It is Boxing Day, after all!

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