Monday, December 15, 2008

Nothing Says Christmas like Lobster

I guess that like 100,000 people still have no power out in Central Mass and Southern New Hampshire. It has been like three days now, and I can't imagine how miserable that must be. We never got anything but rain here, so I was really surprised to hear that so many people are still without power when I got to work this morning. That would have been a LONG weekend.

My weekend was nice...kinda of relaxing. The Boy and I went to a Christmas party with the school parents on Saturday night outside of the city. There were actually a lot of people my age there, since they opened the invite to "adult children". As I have mentioned before, a lot of Munchkin's school mates have much older brothers and sisters, usually as a result of second marriages. There are at least a half dozen school siblings that I know of that are older than I am.

So it was a little different...I am used to being kind of out of place at those things, although I always have a good time. It was nice to feel a little more in place:-). Oh, and the parents drink WAY more with their adult kids around...interesting phenomenon.

Other than that, I was kind of a lazy bum all weekend. I did some reading...I finally read Twilight...and, um...I don't get the attraction. I just couldn't get into it, please don't yell at me. I cooked a lot yesterday...I made an impromptu lobster dinner because lobsters are basically like free these days. I'm serious...check next time you are at the store, they are cheaper than hamburger.

I have a lovely four day week this week:-D. The Boy's company Christmas party is tomorrow (I think...maybe Wednesday?) I am taking Friday off to do all of my Christmas shopping (ideas, anyone?). I figure it will be less crowded during a week day, and since I have left it all until this late, that is my best bet to get it done. Then, Munchkin, The Boy and I are headed to Chicago on Friday night for the weekend.

I would be OK with skipping it this year since Tinkerbelle is coming out here the day after Christmas, but I would get skewered if I didn't get Munchkin out to see the family at Christmas time. Also, her new niece or nephew is due to arrive any moment now, so hopefully she will be able to visit the little nugget right after it is born...she would love that:-).

And I guess that is about it...hope everyone had a good weekend:-) Hope my Mass and NH readers have power:-)


Anonymous said...

You read Twilight and it only gets a line and a half! GEEZ! I read it in one afternoon, it was so good, I couldn't put it down! I think New Moon is gonna be better though!

Ally said...

Yeah for four day weeks! And next week will be super short too.

Twilight doesn't even sound good enough to read to me. Everyone is so excited about it, but when they tell me what it's about I still don't get it.

A said...

How funny - I started Twilight just last night. Am not obsessed. Not yet, anyway.

laurwilk said...

I think Twilight is quite subpar as well. I talked myself into trying it but wish I wouldn't have. I was bored - just as I knew I would be.

Why is lobster so cheap?

Nilsa said...

1) NPR reported that it might be up to a week until all power is restored. Oh my!

2) I don't do Twilight. I also don't do Harry Potter. I am a slug.

3) You know who to call if you're in a bind when in Chicago. =) Hope your travels are safe.

Rachel H. said...

I am right with you...I haven't done my Christmas Shopping either, so I'm taking off on Thursday to take care of it. Sucks! I haven't read Twilight yet either or watched the movie. I don't really get it or care.

Anonymous said...

Haven’t read Twilight and quite sure I will not read it in the future.
But I have to confess, I am all into Harry Potter.

More then a week until the power is back??? Wow. Poor people out there.

Have finished my Christmas Shopping yesterday, thanks to the Internet. :-)

brookem said...

friday will be a good (better at least) day for you to go shopping than the weekend. i did the same thing last friday.

we didn't lose power either, thank goodness!

Lisa said...

don't feel bad about not liking twilight. Yes, I have read ALL the books and No, they aren't that good. They are strangely addictive to me, since I like vampire-lit that isn't too esotherical. But let's face it: Bella is going on everybody's nerves