Friday, December 22, 2006

Birthday Wishes

I found a really cute present for the still unnamed little one: it is two necklaces that have a little silver charm that has two parts that fit together to form a heart. I can keep one and she can keep one…I think she will like that. It’s sort of neat, too…you can’t tell that it is half of a heart on its own (it is sort of a contemporary art thing, I guess…hard to describe).

Anyway, since I won’t be around tomorrow, I would like to take today to wish a very special 30th birthday to Big Sis. Tomorrow is the big day, and while I will get home in time for the celebration, I want to give her a special blog-tribute:-)

Big Sis is really a remarkable woman…she is smarter than anyone I have ever met (except maybe her younger sister;-)), she’s gorgeous, kind, generous thoughtful and I aspire to be as much like her as I can. Maybe except for all the swearing;-)

I have heard people refer to her as “scary” or “intimidating”, but really I think that is a function of being as smart as she is and as confident. She certainly does nothing to dispel people’s impression of her if she finds it to her advantage, but underneath the hard exterior is a tremendously thoughtful and compassionate woman.

Someday I will work for her…it is no secret around here that she will join the firm soon and that she is the heir-apparent to the corner office. Normally that might cause some resentment, or some cries of nepotism, but she is so clearly cut out for the job that those exist only as small whimpers. Beyond being a great person, she is a unique talent unquestionably up to the task of succeeding her father.

Beyond all of that, she is simply a great friend and a dynamite big sister (almost;-)). She takes care of me, she gives me all kinds of advice, she takes Munchkin all kinds of places, and just basically serves as a great role model and fantastic friend. [Totally random fact: she dated a member of Coldplay for a long time when she was living in England, and one of the band members told Smoking Hot Roommate that the song “Green Eyes” is at least partially about her…not sure if that is true, but it makes for a good story!!!]

Big Sis is getting married next summer, to a phenomenal guy who treats her great, challenges her and makes her an ever better person than she already is. Both she and her younger sister are admittedly “difficult” to date…they both have very large personalities, and that can be hard to handle. She has found, however, the perfect partner who can shine on his own next to her without either of them obscuring the other. It took a brain surgeon, but she finally found a worthy companion.

So, to my very own adopted Big Sister, I say Happy Birthday. The Happiest Birthday you can imagine, for even that can’t match the happiness that you have brought me. Many many more…and I hope to share them all with you!


Dimples said...

Happy Birthday Big Sis!! Many more!

nicole d. said...

Great gift for the new little sister. I'm sure she will adore it. Happy Bday to Big Sis too!