Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Boy, Part II

I forgot to thank “Bob” for leaving my first real comment. By real, I mean that it was not an ad for Viagara or an invitation to fuck someone. So thanks, Bob. I know people read, because my site meter tells me so, but comments rule!

Back to The Boy. When we left off, we had finally shed any other people and committed to a “relationship”. Which is no small deal for me…I don’t get a lot of free time, so if I agree to block out a big part of it for someone, he has to be pretty special.

And he is:-D He is really cute…sort of tall (everyone is tall compared to me), with black hair and green eyes. He is very lean and has some of the nicest shoulders, arms and back of anyone I know. He is older than me by four and a half years, which hasn’t really been a problem, although there are definitely some differences between his friends and mine. He lives pretty close to me…just on the other side of the Common and Public Garden, and has an excellent job with a small money management firm. He’s smart and funny and sweet and I always look forward to seeing him. Even when I am not getting laid!!!

He has a twin sister, which is WEIRD. She is awesome and I love her, and her wife, too (yeah, you read that right), but I definitely get weirded out by the twin thing sometimes. Example: they can order for each other in bars and restaurants. And not just like “Oh, he usually drinks vodka tonics,” but more like “Hmm…I think he feels like a vodka tonic,” even though he might rarely drink them. And they can sense each others’ moods and finish sentences and stuff.

Back to my story. Immediately after we were first “together”, I left for a month…oops! And he was rightfully confused, especially since I only talked to him twice while I was there.

Which meant that I had some work to do when I got home. I assured him that I was committed and didn’t want anyone else and I did want him, and he got to say some things that I know he needed to. I pretty much convinced him and things have moved along nicely since then. I am not foolish; I know that I can be a royal pain to date. I am naturally programmed to not be too attached to or reliant on people, and by definition there is always someone who comes ahead of a boyfriend.

So, among my many blessings is a wonderful boy who dotes on me in just the right amounts and puts up with all my foibles and lack of time. He could throw a tantrum over only seeing me two or three days a week, or about me changing plans at the last minute all the time because Munchkin is sick, or because I have to take her somewhere or get her or whatever. Or he could be angry about me not letting him stay over if Munchkin is around, or not staying at his place real often either.

But he does, and I thank him deeply for it. As I mentioned, we have periodic “talks” to make sure we are on the same page, and we are. He understands that I am not like most girls…I don’t need constant contact to know he loves me. And that if I don’t see him for a couple days, it doesn’t mean that I am not thinking about him. As for him, what he really wants is just to know what I am thinking. He can put up with my weirdness so long as he always knows where he stands.

And right now, he stands in a very good place:-D

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