Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feeling skippy

This is kind of a weird time…its about 1 am and I am in my new bedroom blogging:-) Aren’t I dedicated? I started this post earlier, but never finished, so I will finish it now. The Boy is sleeping next to me, but I am not terribly tired…looks like I wore him out. We have had a lot of alone time the last two days, and I am pretty sure both his cock and my pussy are gonna be recovering for a couple days:-D [Yes, I totally laughed at myself for writing that].

It was a really weird day out today. It was warm, but really windy and really rainy. And we were moving all day, which kinda sucked. For the movers, that is…I don’t have much to complain about. I spent most of the week packing up my own stuff and munchkin’s stuff, throwing some things out, packing others for goodwill, etc. And I was a good little doobie, so I was in pretty good shape by yesterday.

I didn’t want munchkin around while we moved because she has been sick and I figured it would be better to let her rest all weekend. Since Papa Bear was complaining that he never gets to baby-sit anymore, I figured I could take care of two problems at once. So, after school yesterday, I took her over to Papa Bear’s place and dropped her off. The two of them have a really funny relationship…there is a little father/daughter, a little grandfather/granddaughter, and then there is a little of them just being buddies. He has a girlfriend that Munchkin totally picked up for him one day like a year ago. Whole other story.

Smoking Hot Roommate was out last night as well, which meant I had the whole place to myself to be alone with The Boy, a box of condoms and my overheated sex drive…hee hee. I am happy to say that I sent my old bedroom out in style. And the living room sofa. And the kitchen counter. And then the shower this morning.

In between all the fucking, we had a bit of a talk about “things”, which we do periodically just to confirm same page-ness. I have never been one to spend a lot of time talking about relationships, but I guess it is good to check in from time to time. I will sort of fill you in on that more later on, but I have to finish the stuff I started about him earlier for it to really make sense.

In the meantime, though, I am really excited about the new place. It is a complete palace, and it is WAY WAY WAY nicer than any place I ever thought I would live in. I guess it is times like this…alone and quiet…that I sort of assess life. I know it is sometimes more interesting to be disturbed and depressed (“dark and twisty”) but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I am extremely blessed and thankful beyond words for the things I have been given. And I couldn’t even begin to articulate how happy I feel about the things that Munchkin has…great school, great friends and loads of support from all kinds of people that have no obligation to do so (SHR, Big Sis and Papa Bear all get a special spot in heaven for the way they treat both of us, especially her).

Ok, I am crying, and that is really NOT my style. Well, fuck it, I am feeling emotional…that happens after orgasms sometimes. Especially the ones that come from the devoted tongue of an admiring boyfriend...hee hee.

There, that is more like me.

Alright, I am gonna stop typing before I get even sappier than I am already.

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