Monday, October 30, 2006

The Coolest Mom in the Fifth Grade

I am officially the coolest Mom in the fifth grade. Thank you, thank you, hold your applause.

Munchkin and some of her school friends are going out for Halloween as the Cheetah Girls. If you had a kid that age, you would know…lol (by the way, how did anyone as cute as Hannah Montana come from the seed of Billy Ray Cyrus? Riddle me that…)

One of the girls lives in a town nearby where the Trick of Treating is better, so they are all gonna go over there Tuesday night. Munchkin asked me if I would come over and take them out, and I said sure.

Well, the girl’s Mother called me yesterday just to make sure that I really did volunteer to do that. Turns out that this mother and her husband had planned on taking the kids out but were told by their daughter that they were staying home and I was taking them.

When she protested that there was no reason for me to drive all the way out there and do that, she was told “Mom, no offense, but you guys aren’t cool enough. She is a much cooler mom.”

So, in addition to already owning a “World’s Cutest Mom” T-Shirt, I am also the coolest Mom in the fifth grade. I rule!!!


Bob said...

In a few years from now you will probably be known as the "meanest" Mom on the block. I always thought my mother was, but then she cared.

Accidentally Me said...

Well, I have it easy...Munchkin is just about the easy child anyone could have. I don't even have to tell her to clean up her dishes, she just does it. And she doesn't have a bedtime, she just puts herself to bed when she is tired.

However, she is 11, and all of this could change pretty dramatically over the next few years...Lol

Anonymous said...

It's a great feeling, isn't it? To know that we get to give our 'daughters' more than our mothers gave us.