Saturday, October 28, 2006

Meet The Boy

I seem to have gotten in some trouble. I have gone to great lengths to introduce ALMOST everyone that really matters to me. You met Munchkin (my real sister), Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis (my almost-real sisters), Papa Bear (not my father, but maybe my Dad), The Body and The Mouth, Boss Foxy, My Mother and My Father.

I kind of left out The Boyfriend. Sorry, buddy (don’t worry; I am WAY too cute for him to be mad at me…)

Ah, The Boyfriend, or BF, or The Boy [little hearts twinkling around my head]. Let’s see...I guess I will start at the beginning. I met him through Big Sis, who is kind of a tangential friend of his and thought that we might get along well together. This was actually last summer, just before Munchkin moved out here, and to be honest, I was kind of seeing a couple of guys.

Anyway, Big Sis told him to call me, so he did and we went out to dinner in the North End for our first date. There weren’t really immediate sparks, so to speak, but I definitely liked him. He is really cute and smart and he made me laugh a lot, which is sort of all I need (that’s it, huh? So, since I liked him, I held off on sleeping with him for a little while. Not that long, I have my limits after all…hee hee

I am, to be kind to myself…a royal pain in the ass to date, I think, despite being so obviously adorable and kind of hypersexual. And, this was the worst possible time to try and date me. Once little sis showed up, it became all about her and trying to get her adjusted and comfortable. Trying to do that and maintain the rest of my social life made it very difficult to advance any kind of a relationship.

For most of the fall and winter I probably only saw him once a week, tops. There were also a couple of other boys as well. Well, there was one other at least. Needless to say, his patience with me has been enormous and much more than I deserve.

And as a final test of that, I pulled the following stunt. In April, he finally told me that he was ok with the complications in my life, but he really wanted to know where he stood and where we were going. Which was totally, fair, given the time frame, and was also pretty good timing, because I had decided that I really liked him:-)

So, what the fuck, let’s do it. I am ready to be a full time, full attention girlfriend. He’s a great guy, treats me like gold and is always, always, always great to be around. Then I proceeded to leave the country for a month and only talk to him like twice.

Good thing I am cute…that shit could have caused a problem otherwise.

It was sort of a work emergency/great opportunity. There was a giant steel industry deal in Europe that was in trouble, and Papa Bear knew all the players involved and was hired to come in and try and hammer out the last minute details. So, last minute he had to go for an undetermined time, and needed some help. And since everyone else was either busy, or terrified that he would kill them sometime over the time there, the chance came to me.

It isn’t everyday that you get the chance to work with international CEO’s, bankers and various government big wigs (I met a Prime minister, a foreign minister and two finance ministers), so I went. Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis were beyond generous in taking care of Munchkin, and our aunt came out for a week as well.

BF though, was kind of understandably a little confused. After all, we had kind of been “dating” for nearly nine months, and I finally said “OK, no other boys, no other distractions, I wanna be your girlfriend.” Then one day left him a message that said “Hey, going to Europe today, be back in a couple weeks, I think.”

I will leave you with that little teaser and finish later…but I gotta run for the time being. And I like teasing you…hee hee!

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