Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reason #437 why I love Big Sis

[I wrote this last night but Blogger was being a bitch, so I am posting this morning]

Smoking Hot Roommate is out tonight running a charity event, and since munchkin is sick as a dog, I didn’t want to leave her with a sitter. Also, I am still sort of sick, too. Originally I was supposed to go out with The Boy last night and he was going to go to a bachelor party tonight. Since I had to cancel on him last night, he did the gentlemanly thing and offered to skip the party to take care of me. And being a considerate girlfriend, I declined and sent him on his way. I have to say, I really appreciate not having to always feel like conversations with him have subliminal meanings. When he says he doesn’t mind skipping the party, I know he means it, and when I tell him not to worry and go ahead, he knows I mean it. It is refreshing.

Anyway, add all of those things together, and you get me sitting here blogging on a Saturday night while munchkin drifts in and out of sleep watching the baseball game. She is a huge Cubs fan, which means she hates the Cardinals and isn’t real pleased with them winning.

Big Sis, meanwhile, has her own plans tonight…she was having dinner with her fiancé and his parents, and then going to a party with him and a bunch of his friends. Her fiancé is a neurologist, which means that I am going to give him the cute nickname “Brain Surgeon”. But Big Sis loves me and she loves Munchkin, so she called me during dinner and said “I am bring you guys dinner, what do you want?” She tends to be sort of direct…lol. And in between dining with in-laws at the best restaurant in the city and being escorted by her dashing doctor beau to her stimulating evening soirée, she took the time to have that fancy restaurant pack up dinner for us and then stopped over to drop it off and check in on us. THAT is why I love my (not quite) Big Sis.

Did anyone know that Clive Owen is in the Bourne Identity? I think him and Matt Damon should put on cod pieces and wrestle in oil for the right to do all kinds of dirty things to me…

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