Saturday, October 28, 2006

I still got it!

I went to see The Killers on Thursday night (fucking rocked!), and had a bit of a funny interaction with the kids behind us. I went with Smoking Hot Roommate, who you all know, and our three friends Freckles, Redhead and Twinkle Toes. They are all…how do I say this…really fucking hot.

So, there were these four guys behind us who were kinda cute and pretty friendly. They were obviously kinda young, but whatever…they were funny and the fact that they were trying so hard was endearing. They were also really sort of clueless…one of them spent an enormous amount of effort trying to charm SHR, despite the fact that she was wearing an absolute monster of a rock on her left ring finger. They were clearly young enough that they hadn’t learned that yet.

Anyway, we were talking to them a bit before and during the show. After it ended, we decided to go kind of around the corner for a drink and, because we are kind and Twinkle Toes was kind of digging on one of them, we invited them. And it wasn’t really an imposition. I knew I was getting hit on, but whatever…they were funny and I don’t see the problem in letting them try, I gave the full Boyfriend disclosure that I think is socially necessary.

Which led to this:

Redhead: Hey, why don’t you guys come with us for a drink?
Cute Boy #1: Nah, we can’t get in [i.e. we are too young]
Freckles: Don’t worry about it, it is 18+ on Thursdays.
Cute Boy #2: Yeah, we know.

So yes, I totally got hit on by a 17 year old. That is, he was, at most 17…I guess he could have been even younger than that. Yikes.


Formerly known as IM buddy from CT - now Tall drunk kid from CT said...

The killers suck. You guys should have gone to the Tool show.

Smoking Hot Roomate said...

Sorry drunk kid...but we do not appreciate the sniveling whinings of pretentious art-house rock bands. We try and patronize bands that do more than wrap faux-tortured yet vague lyrics over simplistic and plodding, overly processed guitar riffs.

Besides, at a Tool show, we would have been hit on by aging hanger's on desperately trying to remain socially relevant despite still clinging to a past-its-prime band instead of the eager and fresh-faced youths we found;-)